Indigo Snake Animal Pictures

Drymarchon couperi

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Texas indigo snake head-up, showing its belly and chin colors, closeup.

Texas Indigo Snake
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Texas indigo snakes are large active snakes that flush out prey then overpower it

Closeup of Texas indigo snake held by a handler.

Texas Indigo Snake Closeup
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Texas indigo snakes are large non-venomous snakes in southern Texas and northern Mexico

Texas indigo snake facing the camera, closeup of face.

Wild Texas Indigo Snake facing the camera
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Texas indigo snakes are native to Texas, but their range extends into northern Mexico.

close up of an indigo snake
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Indigo snakes are the largest snake species in North America.

Indigo snake - wrapped up tightly
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The indigo snake is best known for its blue-black scales.

Animals That Play Dead Texas Indigo Snake
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The Texas indigo snake received its common name from the glossy iridescent ventral scales which can be seen as blackish-purple in bright light.