Koala Animal Pictures

Phascolarctos cinereus

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Baby Koala at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuar

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A Koala climbing up a tree,

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Koala in Healsville Sanctuary, Australia

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Koala with young on Hamilton Island, Australia

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Koala looking down, Kangaroo Island

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Koala in a tree, Kangaroo Island

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Male Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) at Billabong Koala and Aussie Wildlife Park

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Female Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) at Billabong Koala and Aussie Wildlife Park

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Koala, Tiergarten Schonbrunn

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Koala in tree fork, Perth Zoo

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Koala walking between trees, joey on back

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Koala Teeth - Koala with mouth wide open
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Koala Teeth- Koala Yawning
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Koala Teeth- Koala Eating
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Koala Teeth - Koala Yawning
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Baby Koala on a tree eucalyptus stock photo Australia, 2015, Animal, Branch - Plant Part, Eucalyptus Tree australia, baby, branch, eucalyptus, eyes, koala, leafs, looking, nose, tree

Mysterious Gray Animals - Koala
Image Credit iStock.com/Annalucasa

A koala bear in the zoo. Koalas are one of the most adorable gray animals in the world.

Animals with Opposable Thumbs-koala
Image Credit slowmotiongli/Shutterstock.com

Koala, Phascolarctos cinereus, a mother with young standing on a branch. Koalas have an opposable toe on each foot.

Mother koala with baby on her back, on eucalyptus tree.

baby koala bear hugging a mommy koala bear
Image Credit Alizada Studios/Shutterstock.com

Koala bears wedge themselves in a forked branch to help prevent falling.

Sleeping Koala Bear
Image Credit myphotobank.com.au/Shutterstock.com

Cute Sleeping Baby Koala Bear in Queensland Australia sitting in Eucalyptus Tree. Adorable Sleepy Koala.

Sleepiest Animals - Koala
Image Credit Richard A Wall/Shutterstock.com

Koalas are mostly nocturnal, sleeping long hours to give their bodies the time and energy to digest food.

Animal Facts: Koalas

Animal Facts: Koalas
Image Credit whitejellybeans/Shutterstock.com

Koalas are nocturnal marsupials famous for spending most of their lives asleep in trees. During the day they doze, tucked into forks or nooks in the trees, sleeping for up to 20 hours.

Dumbest Animals in the World: Koala
Image Credit Yatra/Shutterstock.com