Labradane Animal Pictures

Canis lupus

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The unique personality of labradanes makes them a great choice as family dogs, especially around older children who want a playful pet that doesn't require all of their attention.

labradane puppy laying down playing with a pumpkin

labradane puppy playing with a pumpkin
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Labradanes love their parents and need a steady stream of attention to stay happy. Luckily, your labradane will be happy to quietly sit next to you while you work.

labradane headshot

labradane headshot
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Labradanes have large frames and may be prone to health issues like inflammation or joint dysplasia.

9 month old labradane puppy standing

A pretty adult black Labrador Retriever mixed breed dog standing facing and looking at the camera

Labradanes have short coats of fur and shed so little that they're considered to be hypoallergenic.

black Labradane laying in the grass in the spring

black labradane laying in the grass
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Labradanes are shy but friendly dogs that are extremely attached to their owners and enjoy quietly attending family events.