Luna Moth Caterpillar Animal Pictures

Actias luna

© Leigh Prather/


a bright green luna moth caterpillar against white isolate. The caterpillar is segmented with evenly spaced grange dots on each segment. The caterpillar is on a twig.
© Leigh Prather/

A bright green Luna Moth caterpillar crawling up green leaf. The caterpillar is vertical in the frame.
© Breck P. Kent/

Two Luna Moth caterpillars are visible on a green leaf. The caterpillar in the top part of the frame is green with tiny orange dots. The caterpillar beneath it is brown are preparing to pupate.
© TamiG/

A luna moth caterpillar feeds on leaves.

Largest caterpillars - luna

Macro of a luna moth against black background. The moth is bright green with golden yellow false eyes visible on its hindwing. Its top wings are edged in russet along the top. The moth is perched on a wing.
© JasonYoder/