Luna Moth Animal Pictures

Actias luna

© JasonYoder/

Macro of a luna moth against black background. The moth is bright green with golden yellow false eyes visible on its hindwing. Its top wings are edged in russet along the top. The moth is perched on a wing.
© JasonYoder/

Macro of a bright green luna moth. The moth is perched on a tree branch. It is mostly bright green with red/brown trim on its upper wings.
© Amy C Anderson/

A bright green luna moth , in silhouette. The moth is facing right.It has two yellow antennae visible on top of its head. They look like yellow feathers. It is perched on a blade of grass.
© K Quinn Ferris/

Macro of a newly emerged bright green luna moth resting on a black cherry limb. Its back is facing the camera. Its eyespots are visible on its hondwings. Its top wings are edged in brown.
© Jim and Lynne Weber/

A bright green luna moth caterpillar on a tree branch. The luna moth is in the right part of the frame. It appears to be crawling up the tree branch, and is vertical, at a bit of an angle toward the left frame. It has little spiky hairs along the length of its segmented body.
© Skynavin/