Magpie Animal Pictures

Pica Pica

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Magpie — sharp focus with faded background
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Magpie standing on the ground in a grassy dirt space
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Magpie perched on a branch in a tree
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Magpie — side view
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European Magpie Pica pica in Gloucestershire, England.
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wide shot of a magpie on a green, grassy area
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Magpie standing in the grass with some colorful leaves on the ground
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Birds that eat wasps: Yellow-Billed Magpie
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Black Throated magpie jay (Calocitta colliei)

Black-Throated Magpie Jay
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The Black-Throated Magpie Jay has a tail that's longer than its body.

Two Eurasian Magpies, Pica Pica, on moss covered branch in winter. Pair of black and white birds in winter.

magpies perched together on a moss covered branch

Magpies, like most birds, will attack if their territory is threatened.

Magpie on ground

magpie standing tall in the grass

Magpies are able to recognize themselves in a mirror while other birds cannot.

Black-billed magpie in Antelope island, Utah

magpie in flight

Magpies often form friendships with people.

A magpie flying in front of a green background

Animals That Laugh: Australian Magpie
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Australian magpies laugh.