Millipede Animal Pictures

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Big millipede walking on concrete floor.
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Desmoxytes purpurosea shocking pink millipede.
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Giant African millipede in Mudumu National Park, Namibia
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Texas Giant Gold Millipede close up
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Swarm of baby millipedes on the move.

Siamese Pointy Tail Millipede, isolated on white background.
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Largest Millipedes - Close up of Millipede
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A harmless African giant black millipede with its many legs on the hands of a human being crawling slowly while exploring its environment symbolizing complex coordination and movement of an insect

Millipede - African Giant Millipede
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Chocolate Giant centipede (Ophistreptus guineensis) on a branch

Largest Millipede - African Giant Chocolate Millipede
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Largest Millipede - Sonoran Giant Desert Millipede
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Largest Millipede - Narceus gordanus
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Largest Millipedes - America Giant
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Do Millipedes Bite - Millipede Rolled in Ball
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What Do Millipedes Eat

Millipedes eat decaying plant material, leaves or flower buds, other bugs, and fungi.

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What Do Millipedes Eat?
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African giant millipedes Archirostreptus gigas in terrarium

giant African millipede on a pile of leaves
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The Giant African Millipede is native to the African rainforest.

Giant millipede in the tropical jungle forest, Thailand

millipede on wood slat

Millipedes are different from centipedes bc they feed on the dead matter rather than insects.

Animals With Exoskeletons-Millipede
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Millipede walking on the ground in the rainy season of Thailand.

big millipede many leg rolling body walking on concrete floor.
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