Mini Labradoodle Animal Pictures

Canis lupus

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mini labradoodle puppy with a black background

mini labradoodle puppy
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Labradoodles can be require quite a lot of maintenance.

tan mini labradoodle puppy laying in the grass

tan mini labradoodle puppy
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Like most Doodle dogs, mini labradoodles are hypoallergenic. Expect only mild amounts of shedding and next to no dander.

brown mini labradoodle puppy with a white background

brown mini labradoodle
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Mini labradoodle owners know that their pups are some of the cutest on the market. Expect your dog to run around, play with toys, and get involved with every family activity.

white mini labradoodle running through the grass

white mini labradoodle
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Like other Doodle dogs, mini labradoodles suffer heavily from separation anxiety. Luckily, your dog will be small enough to accompany you on errands or to the office.