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Alces alces

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What Do Moose Eat

Moose eat grasses, bark, willows, and trees.

What do moose eat

Bull moose (Alces alces) feeds on fall foliage (Dwarf Birch) in the Denali Nat'l Park, Alaska.

What Do Moose Eat

Moose is what's known as a generalist herbivore, which means that they can get their nutrition from a wide range of different sources.

Moose Size Comparison - Moose in Field
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Tallest Moose - Yao Ming
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Editorial Use Only. Moscow, Russia 05.31.2009: Young moose crosses the road in the park and people looking at the moose..

Moose Size Comparison - Tall Moose
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Tallest Animals: Alaskan Moose

Tallest Animals: Alaskan Moose
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Moose are powerful swimmers. A moose can dive 20 feet underwater and stay underwater for up to 30 seconds!