Paleoparadoxia Animal Pictures

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An artist's rendition of an ancient Paleoparadoxia walking across the ocean floor.

An artistic representation of Paleoparadoxia swimming through dark waters.
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Paleoparadoxia is thought to have once walked across the ocean floor. The genus was ultimately driven extinct by the Sirenians, who could quickly swim toward sources of food.

A reconstructed model of a Paleoparadoxia is displayed in a museum.

A reconstructed model of the ancient Paleoparadoxia is displayed at the National History Museum in London.
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At the Natural History Museum in London, you can find a reconstruction of what Paleoparadoxia is imagined to have once looked like.

An illustration of a Paleoparadoxia swimming along the ocean floor.

An ancient Paleoparadoxia swims along the ocean floor.
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Millions of years ago, the Paleoparadoxia could be found foraging on sea grasses across the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

The ancient Paleoparadoxia was a fascinating genus of marine mammal.

A Paleoparadoxia skeleton is displayed in a museum
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The skeleton of an ancient Paleoparadoxia is displayed in a museum.