Pointer Animal Pictures

Canis Lupus

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Pointer laying in the grass
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Brown and white pointer on isolated background
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Black and white pointer puppy in the grass
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Adult black and white pointer outdoors
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Brown and white pointer running
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Brown pointer dog pointing its nose while hunting
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A young muscular brown German Short-haired Pointer is standing in a point in the field among the green grass.

Brown German Shorthaired Pointer. A muscular hunting dog is standing in a point in the field among the green grass. A spring sunny day.

Types of Pointer Dogs
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Types of Pointer Dogs
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The Old Danish Pointer is a calm, steady dog with an incredible amount of determination and bravery.

beautiful auvergne pointing dog puppy hunting with duck in autumn background

Types of Pointer Dogs
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A beautiful Auvergne pointing dog hunting with a duck.

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Types of Pointer Dogs
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Pointers are bred primarily as hunting companions, and as such, they are single-minded when out in a field environment.