Tent Caterpillar Animal Pictures

© Amelia Martin/Shutterstock.com


Macro: forest tent caterpillar aggregate.The caterpillars are primarily black with white splotches that look like fat exclamation marks!!! On the tops of their bodies. Blue stripes going down the sides of their bodies are rimmed with yellow stripes. The caterpillars have hairs extending from the sides of their bodies.
© Amelia Martin/Shutterstock.com

An eastern tent caterpillar, Malacosoma americanum, climbs up a stick in early summer with an empty green background
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Macro of forest tent caterpillar. Te caterpillar is goldfish/brown nits sides. Its top looks like an intricately patterned Persian carpet, colored blue, orange black and white. White setae, or bristly hairs, extend from the caterpillars sides. It is on gray/brown rough ree bark
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macro view of a large group of Eastern Tent Caterpillars emerging from their tent in early spring. The caterpillars are fuzzy. They are earth tones with blue accents.
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A close up of an Eastern Tent caterpillar climbing the bark of a Crepe Myrtle. The caterpillar is facing frame left and is horizontal from the center to right frame. It is mostly earhttones with glue accents. It has setae (stiff hairs) visible extending from either side of its body.
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An Eastern tent caterpillar is visible on a green leaf. The caterpillar's head is sticking up off th leaf, as if it has noticed thee camera and is posing! The caterpillars is at an a40-45 degree vertical angle with its tail in the upper left frame, and its head in low center frame,. Or, the tail is at 11 o'clock, and the head is at 5 o'clock. The caterpillar is primarily earth tones with blue accents. It has setae, bristly hairs, extending from the sides of its body.
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