Torkie Animal Pictures

Canis lupus familiaris

A young Torkie puppy sits in the grass and the sunshine.

Torkie Puppies Are Easy To Housebreak
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This young Torkie puppy is learning to go outside.

The Torkie will stay alert and guard their owners.

This Serious Torkie Is Very Intelligent
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This adult Torkie Is a good watch dog.

This Torkie puppy is enjoying the sunshine and learning to walk.

Torkie Puppy Plays Outside
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Torkie puppies have to go outside so that they can learn to run and play.

A cream Torkie has a very light colored coat with slightly darker ears.

A Cream Colored Torkie
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This Torkie is a very light color.

The Torkie is a vigilant watchdog.

A Torkie is always alert and on guard.