Vizsla Animal Pictures

Canis lupus

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A brown little puppy sits on a sofa in the living room. Hungarian vizsla

Puppy, Vizsla, Animal, Animal Body Part, Animal Eye
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Vizslas are extremely affectionate and even-tempered with children.

isolated vizsla

vizsla playing frisbee on the beach
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vizsla playing frisbee on the beach

vizsla laying in the flowers
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Given their calm demeanor, Vizslas make good therapy dogs.

Magyar Vizsla male is running towards the camera.

vizsla running down a path
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vizsla running down a path

Portrait of young Hungarian Vizsla dog stock photo Italy, Vizsla, Hunting Dog, Red, Animal Close-up portrait of vizsla dog in natural environment. Springtime, sunny day. Dog is wearing a collar

regal Vizsla outside in grass
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The Vizsla originated from Hungary.