Welsh Corgi Animal Pictures

Canis lupus

Welsh Corgi (Canis familiaris) - running on beach
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Welsh Corgi (Canis familiaris) - puppy and baby running
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Welsh Corgi (Canis familiaris) - puppy walking through grass
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Welsh Corgi (Canis familiaris) - two types tan and black
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Welsh Corgi (Canis familiaris) - standing against white background
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Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Image Credit Kubek15 - Public Domain

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is perfectly built as a type of heeler dog.

Types of heeler dogs - Cardigan Welsh Corgi
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This cheapest dog, the Welsh Corgi, is most well-known for its short legs.

Corgi puppy wrapped in blanket
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The Welsh Corgi was originally bred to herd sheep and cattle.