Woolly Bear Caterpillar Animal Pictures

Pyrrharctia isabella

© Nancy Bauer/Shutterstock.com


Macro of a dolly bear caterpillar on a stick. The caterpillar is vertical. It is covered in bristly hairs that are black on the top and bottom thirds, and rusty-orange in the center third. Against a marbled olive background, presumably out go focus nature.
© Nancy Bauer/Shutterstock.com

Close up macro photo of woolly bear caterpillar, Pyrrharctia isabella. The caterpillar looks like a bottle brush with black on the ends, and rusty-orange in the middle bristles sticking out from all directions.
© Kimberly Boyles/Shutterstock.com

A macro of a European woolly bear mostly rolled into a ball. From the photographer: Close up of the Woolly bear caterpillar of the garden tiger moth or great tiger moth Arctia caja scared by predator curled in a ball on the ground. Poland, Europe
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Pyrrharctia isabella cocoon, or woolly bear caterpillar cocoon on a pile of dried leaves. Two insect cocoons side by side, one smooth, one rough in texture.
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Macro of a tan colored Isabella tiger moth perched on a light-skinned hand. The moth is facing left. The moth has false eyes, one on each wing. Background out of focus concrete
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