Afghan Hound Prices in 2024: Purchase Cost, Vet Bills, and More!

Portrait of two Afghan greyhounds, beautiful, dog show appearance. Beauty salon, grooming, dog care, hairstyles for dogs, dog stylist
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Written by Alanna Davis

Published: April 18, 2024

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Few dogs are as elegant and beautiful as Afghan Hounds. As their name suggests, this proud breed originates from the country of Afghanistan. Although this dog has been popular throughout the Middle East for a number of years, this dog wasn’t brought to the West until the early 1900s. Since then, their popularity has exploded. People across the world have fallen in love with this breed for their dignified yet joyful personalities. If you’re a part of this group, you might be wondering how expensive purchasing an Afghan Hound will be in 2024. Allow this guide to help you budget accordingly.

How Much Does an Afghan Hound Puppy Cost?

two afghan hound puppies walking outdoors

While Afghan Hound puppies will be energetic and lively during their youth, many will calm down significantly as they age.


As with any dog breed, prices will vary depending on two main factors: your location and the reputation of the breeder. If you live in an area with a low density of Afghan Hound breeders, the price may be more expensive due to scarcity and high demand. However, the opposite is also true, and those living in areas with many breeders will enjoy lower prices due to competition. As a rule of thumb, a purebred Afghan Hound puppy will be priced somewhere between $1,000 and $3,000. Adoption is much more affordable, and if you’re lucky enough to find an Afghan Hound at a shelter, you can pay as little as $150.

Be wary of breeders offering extremely low prices as this is often a sign that unethical breeding is taking place. Puppy mills often fail to perform genetic testing on their animals. In turn, many of their puppies will be afflicted with lifelong medical conditions. A low price can be attractive, but giving these businesses money perpetuates the problem. Boycotting them creates a safer place for both prospective buyers and animals alike.

Other Factors That Influence the Purchase Price of an Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds are famous for their long, silky coats. If you plan on purchasing a dog with a special pedigree or a show-quality dog, prices will inevitably increase. In addition, special fur coloration or texture may influence the price depending on its rarity and availability. Finally, any specialized training your puppy receives before you bring it home with you will likely influence the final price as well.

Cost of Vaccination and Other Medical Expenses for Afghan Hounds

Afghan Hound

Many people seek out Afghan Hounds specifically for their long, silky coats.


After you bring your Afghan Hound home for the first time, it’s important to schedule an initial health panel. During this time, your vet will screen your dog for underlying health issues the breeder may not have detected. This usually costs about $75, and during this time, you can request that the veterinarian vaccinate your dog as well if the breeder hasn’t already done so. This will cost about $100, and each set of booster shots will cost around $40. In addition, you can request that your puppy be microchipped during this appointment, which costs around $50.

Cost of Food and Supplies for Afghan Hounds

Afghan Hound laying outside in the shade. afghan hounds

This breed is suited for apartment complexes and condos as they are quiet and well-mannered.

©Paul Dixon (yettis doings) / CC BY-SA 2.0, Flickr – Original / License

At maturity, Afghan Hounds will typically weigh somewhere between 55 and 75 pounds. At this size, petMD recommends that these dogs eat between 2 3/4 and 3 2/3 cups of food per day. Eating this amount of dry food will cost owners somewhere between $30 and $85 per month, depending on which brand you choose. This price does not include the cost of wet food or dog treats, which will be additional charges. Owners who elect to put their animals on specialized food plans such as raw or prescription diets will inevitably pay more, and sometimes monthly costs can rise to over $200. Talk to your vet about your Afghan Hounds’ personal needs to formulate the best diet plan for them.

In addition to money spent on food, owners will also want to put away about $350 for supplies. If this is the first dog in your home, you’ll need to buy a few items such as a grooming kit, food and water bowls, a leash and collar, and dog toys. Afghan Hounds have long, high-maintenance coats. If you choose to bring your dog to a groomer instead of doing so at home, monthly costs can come in at about $100.

How Much Does It Cost to Insure an Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound autumn outdoors

Grooming an Afghan Hound is high maintenance and owners should frequently brush their long coats to prevent matting.

©David Raihelgauz/

Many breeders will offer a health guarantee on their animals. This is a promise from the breeder to the buyer that states their animals are healthy to the best of their knowledge. If your dog does receive a diagnosis covered by the agreement, you will be eligible for monetary compensation or some sort. When this agreement expires, it’s a good time to start looking for alternative forms of coverage. Although Afghan Hounds are healthy and strong dogs, it never hurts to set up a safety net in case a medical emergency happens. Pet insurance plans start at as low as $60 per month, but prices can vary depending on the type of coverage you choose for your animal.

How Much Does It Cost to Train an Afghan Hound

Portrait of two Afghan greyhounds, beautiful, dog show appearance. Beauty salon, grooming, dog care, hairstyles for dogs, dog stylist

The average life expectancy for Afghan Hounds is between 11 and 13 years of age.


Many prospective owners will be delighted to learn that Afghan Hounds are much more than just good looks. This breed is renowned for its sharp intelligence, and training them typically comes with ease. While some owners may elect to train their dogs at home, other families simply don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to this task. In those cases, training classes are available for roughly $60 per class. However, prices can increase depending on the type of training you want your dog to receive. Each Afghan Hound should attend classes once weekly for several months to ensure that they are fully trained.

Final Thoughts

Afghan Hounds are incredible dogs with a myriad of wonderful qualities. However, purchasing one can be expensive, and owners should save accordingly before taking the plunge. The first year after you bring your puppy home will cost the most, and prospective owners should save around $5,500. Each year following this will be more affordable, and owners can expect to pay about $1,500.

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