Havana Brown Cat Prices in 2024: Purchase Cost, Vet Bills, and Other Costs

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Written by Angie Menjivar

Published: May 22, 2024

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The Havana brown cat is known for having a playful and friendly disposition. But this cat doesn’t just lounge around like furry decor in your home. These kitties can be demanding! They have beautiful brown fur and want to be close to you. Don’t be surprised when these cuties reach out with a paw outstretched and large curious eyes, asking for your love. If you’re thinking of bringing one of these sweet creatures home, there are some costs to consider. Learn about Havana brown cat prices in 2024, including how much a kitten costs and all other associated expenses from supplies to veterinary care.

How Much Does a Havana Kitten Cost?

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The cost of Havana kittens is higher than for an older Havana brown cat.

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The cost of a Havana kitten differs depending on several different factors. On average, however, you can expect to pay between $500 and $2,000. This is a rare breed and when demand is high, prices tend to lean toward the higher end. Some breeders may also require you to pay a non-refundable deposit to secure your kitty, which only adds to the total cost. It’s possible you may be able to adopt a Havana kitten, which would significantly reduce the cost. Typically, the cost for adoption is between $75 to $200.

Other Factors That Influence the Purchase Price of a Havana Brown Cat

The gender of a kitten may influence the purchase price as well as how rare it is. When you purchase from a reputable breeder, you’re getting a lot more than a new kitten. They take care of socializing your kitty and ensuring their good health so you know the kitten’s medical history before taking it home.

Where you live also plays a role in the purchase price of a Havana brown cat. You may notice variations in cost from city to city as the cost of living is a factor. If you are open to bringing home an older cat, you’re likely to find one that’s more affordable than a kitten would be. With a breeder, you may also have the option to request additional services, which could alter the total you pay.

Cost of Vaccination and Other Medical Expenses for Havana Brown Cats

How much you pay for vaccinations and other medical expenses depends on your location and the type of veterinary clinic you visit. If you’re purchasing a kitty from a reputable breeder, they take care of the initial vaccinations, which include FVRCP, FeLV, and rabies. If you take your kitten on your own, a veterinary practice may charge between $15 to $100 per shot. However, low-cost clinics make these vaccinations available for a fraction of the cost you pay when you go to a regular veterinary office.

Havana Brown kitten getting out of a box, 15 weeks old, in front of white background

When considering medical expenses and vaccinations, you may be able to request services from low-cost clinics to save.

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Additional medical costs to consider include spay or neuter surgery, which may cost as low as $75 up to $500, depending whether you visit a regular vet office or a low-cost clinic. Deworming may cost anywhere between $10 to $20 per dose and microchipping may cost between $25 and $50. Annual wellness exam costs vary, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $50 and $100.

Cost of Food and Supplies for Havana Brown Cats

The kind of selections you make greatly impact how much you spend on food and supplies for a Havana brown cat. Premium food is going to be more expensive than some of the poorer quality food. On average, the cost for dry food is between $15 and $50 per month and wet food is between $20 and $60 per month.

Some of the basic supplies include a litter box, which can cost between $10 and $30 (or up to hundreds, if it’s the automatic self-cleaning kind). The litter cost varies also, typically between $10 and $30 per month. Food and water bowls are usually around $10 to $30. Scratching posts may cost as low as $10 or be closer to the $100 range. Toys range in cost from $5 to $50 or more.

How Much Does It Cost to Insure a Havana Brown Cat

The cost to insure a Havana brown cat depends on the type of coverage you select, the annual deductible, your location, and the insurance company. You may pay between $25 and $50 per month on average. To get the best price and coverage, shop around with different pet insurance companies to determine which offers the most comprehensive policy at the lowest cost. When you insure your kitten early, the cost is on the lower side. When cats get older they may develop health issues and a policy may not cover any pre-existing conditions.

Dr. Colleen Wallace, a cat-only veterinarian at Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital in Raleigh, NC spoke to A-Z-Animals regarding rising veterinary costs. She offers a gentle reminder to cat parents to obtain pet insurance that covers accidents and illnesses. This way, you never have to hesitate when it comes to getting your kitty the care it needs.

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