Embrace Pet Insurance Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: June 23, 2022
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Embrace Pet Insurance offers coverage for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens. These coverages are designed to cover anything from accidents to illnesses, even including exam fees. They have designed their policies to be customized to your needs—they cover nearly everything, except for pre-existing conditions. Depending on the policy you choose, you can get up to 90% back on your vet bills.

Pet parents invest in pet insurance because of all those “just in case” scenarios. Good health isn’t a guarantee, despite how proactive you are with your pet’s nutrition, exercise, and care. When an emergency strikes, having a pet insurance policy that covers care gives you the peace of mind you need to make the best decisions for your beloved pet.

To top off the comprehensive coverage you get through Embrace, you can also add “Wellness Rewards,” which is a non-insurance preventative care plan that you can purchase in addition to your pet insurance policy. This plan helps you budget for all the ongoing care your pet needs, including services like grooming, checkups, and vaccines. Below, we explore how Embrace came about, what its key features are, and break down the pros and cons of using Embrace for your pet insurance needs.

The Embrace Pet Insurance Story

Embrace is comprised of a family like yours—one that includes your best animal friends. They’ve designed their company in a way that makes you a part of the family. Do you know that open door, welcoming feeling you get from your best friend, best neighbor, or even best boss? That’s the feeling Embrace has created for its customers.

Being a pet parent comes with endless rewards. There are so many moments when your favorite canine or feline companion steps in at just the right time—no words are needed. They understand you, and they know how to be there for you. When you get them set up with a pet insurance policy through Embrace, you are able to provide them with the genuine support they need during tough moments.

Embrace provides you with personalized accidents and illness policies, a flexible wellness plan, timely claims processing, and compassionate customer care. They know that when you use the coverages they provide, you may not be feeling as clearheaded as you do when your pets are in good health. With 24/7 policy management and online claim submission, they work to make the process intuitive and straightforward.

Embrace clearly outlines its core values. With these values, they have a strong foundation that has allowed them to grow. They focus on openness and honesty, giving back, personal responsibility, and innovation. They work passionately to support their customer base through all the good times and the not-so-good times.

They donated over half $1 million to charity and Embrace also matches 100% of all employee charitable donations. It’s evident why Embrace has become one of the top-rated pet insurance companies. They have persevered, dedicated themselves, and work to constantly innovate. They keep your best interest at heart.

3 kittens in a vet's arms
Embrace Pet Insurance allows you to take your pet to any veterinarian.

Embrace Pet Insurance: Key Features

  • No network, visit any vet
  • Up to 90% back on vet bills
  • Rated #1 pet insurance provider in 2022
  • Personalized accident and illness policies
  • Flexible wellness plan
  • Online claim submission
  • Timely claims processing

Forbes rated Embrace as the number one pet insurance provider in 2022. When you purchase insurance for your dog or cat through them, you can visit any veterinarian. You don’t have to stick with certain vets in a network. You can personalize your policy and get up to 90% back on your vet bills.

Embrace covers illnesses and conditions from an easy-to-fix upset stomach to more serious, chronic conditions. So long as the condition isn’t pre-existing, it’s covered. They also cover accidents and injuries. Pets are cute but they get mischievous, and that mischievousness can result in wacky accidents. With Embrace, you can always get the treatment they need.

Just like you visit the dentist regularly, your pets need proper dental care. You can select to include dental accident and illness coverage so that your dog or cat has coverage that includes tooth repair, extractions, and treatment up to $1,000 per policy year. Each time you visit the vet, there is an exam fee. Embrace covers those fees for any vet visit related to illness or injury. Whether it’s emergency care or a specialist appointment, you’re covered.

When figuring out what’s going on inside your pet’s body, your vet conducts tests to determine procedures and treatments. Whether these are big or small, Embrace covers every test, surgery, and remedy needed to diagnose and treat your pet. Rest easy when it comes to prescriptions or physical therapy because follow-up care is also included as part of your coverage.

Embrace Pet Insurance Pros and Cons

It’s clear to see that Embrace has tons of pros. But there are a few tidbits of information that make them even more attractive. For example, each year that you don’t make a claim, your deductible goes down. This is one of the concerns of pet parents when deciding on whether pet insurance is worth it.

What if your pet doesn’t need the coverage? Ultimately, it is “just in case” coverage unless you also invest in the wellness plan. When you don’t need it for a full year, Embrace has developed this diminished deductible feature to incentivize you to stay on the plan.

Another great pro when it comes to Embrace is that they allow full customization of your plan. You don’t have to choose a cookie-cutter option; rather, you can select the coverages you find most appropriate for your pet. Additionally, any orthopedic waiting periods can be reduced with a vet exam.

The one con we discovered with Embrace is that their policies don’t cover prescription food or supplements. This is usually the case with other pet insurance companies as well. Sometimes, your dog or cat may need to go on a special diet for stomach issues. For example, if your dog or cat develops an illness like pancreatitis, you may need to either temporarily or permanently switch them over to a prescription diet for pets with food sensitivities.

Another example of supplements that wouldn’t be covered includes CBD for pets. You may invest in treats or a tincture as a supplement for your fur babe and that will always be an out-of-pocket cost for your pet’s care. Embrace won’t cover these types of supplements.

Unlike some other pet insurance companies, Embrace Pet Insurance does not cover supplements or prescription diets.

Embrace Pet Insurance Coverages

Pretty much anything you can think of is covered by Embrace Pet Insurance. Any dental illnesses like gingivitis (or even if your pet needs a root canal) are covered up to $1,000 per year without a dental exam being required. This is coverage they offer because 80% of dogs and 70% of cats develop some form of periodontal disease by age three (consider this your reminder to check your pet’s teeth!).

Embrace also covers breed-specific, congenital, and genetic conditions. This includes hip dysplasia, allergies, and intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). Any testing or treatments related to cancer are covered as well as any long-term illnesses or injuries like arthritis or diabetes. There are no per-condition limits and coverage continues when you renew.

Your pet is covered when it comes to preventable conditions as well, like Lyme disease, parasites, and parvo. Ligament tears, broken bones, and osteosarcoma are covered after a six-month waiting period (or you can take advantage of getting a vet exam to have that reduced).

All diagnostic exam fees are covered and included with every policy Embrace offers. Additionally, complementary treatments and rehabilitative treatments like acupuncture or laser therapy are included at no extra cost. Emergency care is always covered, including after hours. Any hospitalization or surgery that may be required is covered as well, even those difficult but sometimes necessary overnight stays.

Specialist care like internal medicine or oncology is covered. Even behavioralists are covered through Embrace Pet Insurance policies. Although pet insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, Embrace approaches this differently. They only conduct a 12-month medical history review. Some insurance companies go as far back as two years or the entirety of your pet’s life.

They also disregard any previous curable conditions, so long as your pet is symptom and treatment free for a year. For example, if your pet had a stomach condition that included vomiting before you decide to enroll, so long as those symptoms and any related treatments are no longer an issue for a full 12 months, then that condition is eligible for coverage in the future.

Where to Buy Embrace Pet Insurance

You can request a quote online from Embrace, or if you prefer to talk to a pet insurance advisor, you can call their 1- 800 number. If you go to the online route, you’re taken to a page where you can tell Embrace a little bit about your pet. Here, you can list your pet’s name, species, and sex. You’re also asked to include your pet’s breed and age. Then, you enter your ZIP code of residence, your email address, and your phone number. A phone number isn’t required to start a quote and as soon as you begin this process, Embrace gets to work to deliver a personalized quote.

Company page: https://www.embracepetinsurance.com/

Bottom Line

Embrace offers an incredibly thorough set of coverages for your dog or cat. While some pet insurance companies make complementary and rehabilitative care into a completely separate policy for purchase, Embrace includes it at no extra cost. Specialist care can also be a difficult coverage option to find from other pet insurance companies, but Embrace recognizes that sometimes your pets need specific support from a veterinary specialist.

Even the way they approach pre-existing conditions demonstrates that they’re serious about their values. They truly work to be open, and honest, and it’s no surprise they were rated number one by Forbes. Their customer service is available via email or phone whenever you need them, and the simple claims processing means that you can easily submit claims for reimbursement without a drawn-out or complicated process.

Go ahead and compare plans directly on the Embrace Pet Insurance website. They have listed Embrace coverages versus some of the most well-known pet insurance companies. They break down the plan features and clearly demonstrate why Embrace has come out on top. From their comprehensive policy offerings to their diminishing deductible, Embrace has innovated pet insurance to benefit you and your beloveds.

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Embrace Pet Insurance Guide: Everything You Need to Know FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is Embrace Pet Insurance good for dogs?

Absolutely. The sooner you get your dog on a solid pet insurance plan, the more you can rest easy knowing that anything from accidents to illnesses are covered.

What pet insurance is most widely accepted?

Embrace is accepted in all 50 states, and they don’t require a specific network of vets. Visit your favorite vet in any location and Embrace will reimburse you up to 90% for any accident or illness-related tests and treatments.

Is pet insurance worth it if you have money?

Even when you feel you have a good financial cushion to handle any veterinary bills that could arise, pet insurance could still save you a huge chunk of money if your pet gets injured or gets sick. Out-of-pocket costs can add up very quickly. With a pet insurance policy, you put yourself in a better financial position to handle anything that might come up. Therefore, even if you have money, it’s best to invest in a comprehensive pet insurance policy.

Does Embrace cover ear infection?

Yes, so long as your pet hasn’t had an ear infection within the last 12 months before your policy starts, then they could be covered in the future. If your pet did not have this pre-existing condition, then as long as your plan is active, ear infections are covered.

Does Embrace Pet Insurance cover CT scans?

Yes, Embrace covers any diagnostic tests including MRI scans, CT scans, x-rays, and ultrasounds. If your pet needs to be hospitalized during testing, that’s covered too. Any general medicine is included in coverages, as well as emergency care and specialty care. Should your pet require surgery, that’s covered too!

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