Lagotto Romagnolo Progression: Growth Chart, Milestones, and Training Tips

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: March 25, 2024
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Hardly known outside their native Italy until 1996, the gorgeous Lagotto Romagnolo has been recognized as a sporting group breed by the American Kennel Club since 2015. They are the only purebred dog on the planet recognized as a specialized truffle searcher. Their name (pronounced Low-got-tow Ro-man-yow-low) means ‘lake dog from Romagna’. If you are thinking of getting a Lagotto Romagnolo pup yourself, it would be useful for you to know how they will grow and develop. Here we chart the expected Lagotto Romagnolo progression and highlight the common milestones with tips for new owners.

Breed Summary

You would be forgiven for mistaking the Lagotto Romagnolo for a plush soft toy! They have wooly curls covering their entire body making them super cute. Their coat feels like human hair when you pet them. To top it off, they have a beard, eyebrows, and whiskers (otherwise known as facial furniture) to die for. As adults, they reach around 20 inches in height and weigh around 35 pounds. Their coats can range from an off-white solid color, through brown and orange to sable. They can have tan markings and their colors tend to fade.

Lagotto Romagnolo Growth and Weight Chart by Age

In Lagotto Romagnolo pups, birth weight is affected by the Mom dog’s health and genetics but interestingly not by weight or by their sex – male and female pups weigh the same. However, once pups reach around six weeks of age, the males start to weigh more than the females.

It can be useful to have a rough guide to how your pup’s weight should increase. However, all pups are individuals and there are no hard and fast rules. Always check in with your vet for reassurance that your pup is gaining appropriate weight.

AgeMale WeightFemale Weight
Birth0.5 – 0.7 lbs0.5 – 0.75lbs
1 Month1.7-2 lbs 1.75-2.1 lbs
6 Weeks3.4-4.0 lbs 2.2-4.5lbs
2 Months7.3-8.4 lbs6.5-7.7 lbs
3 Months11.2-13.2 lbs 9.9-11.9lbs
4 Months15-18 lbs13.1-15.9 lbs
5 Months18.5-22.3 lbs15.9-19.8 lbs
6 Months21.1-26.0 lbs17.9-22.7 lbs
7 Months23.3-28.7 lbs19.7-25.1 lbs
8 Months24.8-30.6 lbs21.1-26.7 lbs
9 Months25.9-32.0 lbs22.0-27.8 lbs
10 Months26.8-33.1 lbs22.8-28.6 lbs
11 Months27.3-33.7 lbs23.3-29.3 lbs
12 Months27.9-34.4 lbs23.7-30 lbs
2 Years28.6–35.3lbs24.3-30.9 lbs

When Will My Lagotto Romagnolo Stop Growing?

Along with other small to medium sized breeds, Lagotto Romagnolos stop growing at around 14 months but this is variable. During this time it is advisable to have regular veterinary check-ups so that you can raise any concerns. It is important that you do not over-exercise your young dogs as this can put a strain on growing joints. In general, you should moderate exercise until they are around 14 months and their bones are fully developed. A basic guide to puppy exercise is five minutes per month of age. Mental stimulation is also vitally important for this breed.

How Big Will My Lagotto Be When It’s Fully Grown?

As is the case with all breeds, Lagotto Romagnolos vary in size. The exact height and weight that they reach in adulthood are decided by genetics (the size of their parents) and environmental factors such as diet, exercise, and whether they are spayed or neutered. If you got your Lagotto Romagnolo pup from a breeder, the size of their parents will give you a rough idea of what you can expect. The breed standard specifies that males are between 16.5 and 19.5 inches at the withers and females are between 15.5 and 18.5. Males should weigh between 28 and 35 pounds and females should weigh between 24 and 31 pounds.

When Should My Lagotto Romagnolo Be Spayed or Neutered?

Lagotto Romagnolos are generally classed as a medium-sized breed. The correct age to have your dog spayed or neutered depends on their breed, size, and gender. Your vet will be able to provide you with guidance on this. Most dogs can be neutered from around six months of age but that does not mean that it is right for your dog. The loss of sex hormones can affect their health and early neutering/spaying can increase their risk of some conditions.

When Should My Lagotto Romagnolo Be House Broken?

Lagotto Romagnolo pups are eager to please and once they figure out what you want them to do, housebreaking them should not be too hard. That said, every dog is an individual and some Lagottos find the concept harder to grasp than others.

The advice from experienced Lagotto Romagnolo owners is to time potty breaks – before and after naps and 15 minutes after feeding. From the age of nine weeks, pups can be taken out to potty every 30 minutes if they are awake. Use a leash when they are out so that you can walk them around. Pups that are moving are more likely to need to poop and pee. Give your little dog loads of praise and maybe even a treat for pooping and peeing outside.

When Should My Lagotto Romagnolo Stop Eating Puppy Food?

As a medium-sized generally healthy breed, Lagotto Romagnolos do well on a range of foods. When you pick up your pup or adult dog and take them home for the first time, you should be given some of the food that they are used to eating. If you want to change brand, do this gradually as sudden changes can cause stomach upsets. You should transition over seven to ten days.

Puppy food has exactly the correct blend of nutrients for growing dogs tailored to support their bones, muscles, and organs. Lagotto Romagnolo pups generally need feeding twice a day but check this with your vet and breeder. Follow the feeding guidance on quantities supplied on the food packet. Most medium breeds are able to transition to adult food when they are around 18 months of age but further age advice is given on the food packaging.

When Will My Lagotto Romagnolo Start Losing Teeth?

Many Lagotto Romagnolo pups start to lose their milk teeth at around two months of age. This usually starts with the incisors – the teeth at the very front of their mouth. Once they have finished teething, they will have 42 permanent teeth. The process can go on until the pup is seven months old. At this stage, pups will want to chew everything and should be provided with plenty of safe chew toys.

When Should I Start Training My Lagotto Romagnolo?

This is generally an easy breed to train. It is best to start at two or three months but it needs to be fun. Lots of short training sessions will be more productive than a single long one. Socialization with other dogs and people is also important.

What Cues Should I Teach My Lagotto Romagnolo First?

Working Lagotto Romagnolos are taught to retrieve by letting them play with pieces of truffle. They move on to retrieving a ball (called “strufiòn”) containing truffle oil. Non-working dogs can learn the regular ‘sit’ to start with.

When Will My Lagotto Calm Down?

Most settle down at around one year old. A daily routine and a calm trainer is important. However, this is an energetic breed that will continue to need plenty of exercise to keep them happy.

Common Health Issues Your Lagotto Romagnolo Might Experience

Lagotto Romagnolo are generally healthy dogs who can live between 15 and 17 years. But, they can develop some health conditions which include:

  • Lagotto Romagnolo storage disease
  • Benign familial juvenile epilepsy
  • Hyperuricosuria
  • Cerebellar abiotrophy

Pictures of Lagotto Romagnolo as Puppies

A cute and funny lover valentine lagotto romagnolo puppy dog with a soft red heart. Valentine's day concept, postcard.

Lagotto romagnolo pups are super cute.

©Chelmicky/iStock via Getty Images

Pictures of Lagotto Romagnolo at 6 Months

Cute white puppy lagotto romagnolo sitting on the grass and lookicng at camera in summer. Space for text

Cute pups soon grow!

©Chelmicky/iStock via Getty Images

Pictures of Fully Grown Lagotto Romagnolo

Types of water dogs - Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo are used to search for truffles, giving it the nickname “truffle dog.”


The photo featured at the top of this post is ©

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