Orange Aura Meaning: Personality, Energy, and Symbolism

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: November 18, 2023
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Orange is a color of vitality. Those who have this color aura are enthusiastic, energetic beings who have mastered the art of socializing. But that’s not all. Discover the meaning of an orange aura, including associated personality traits and the symbolism of the color orange!

Aura Overview

You have a subtle energy field that radiates from your body. This energy may be a range of colors but is usually dominated by a single color, particularly when you’re feeling a certain emotion intensely. This dominant color is also related to your innate personality and reveals a lot about you.

Not only do these subtle colors highlight your emotional state, but they may also reveal the vibration of what you are thinking as well as your current state of health. Those feeling excited and in good health may have a more vibrant energy field whereas those who are sad or unwell may have a weaker, duller aura that tells of their inner troubles.

Auras are subtle energy fields with colors that correspond with chakra colors.

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Beginner Tips for Seeing Auras

Intuitives and psychics have refined their aura-seeing abilities. However, the ability to see auras isn’t just for those who study esoteric beliefs. If you’re interested in viewing auras, the ability is available to you. Here are a few beginner tips:

Tap Into Your Intuition

The world is loud, and you’re constantly being pulled in by external distractions. But to perceive auras, you need to tap into your intuition. This requires a quiet, safe environment without distractions that allows you to check in to that whisper-like inner voice. Tap into feeling instead of thinking and see what kind of sensations come up. This is a lifelong practice.

Journal Regularly

As you tap into your intuition, you’re going to start experiencing synchronicities and quiet messages. Keep all of these moments noted in your journal. If you meditate and experience any visuals, take note of those as well. As you continue on this path to seeing auras, you’re going to notice the patterns you may otherwise overlook if you don’t keep them recorded.

Practice Visualization

If you’ve already tried meditation, practicing visualizations may come more easily to you. There are many guided meditations to help you see auras online. However, even if you don’t follow a guided meditation, you can try something simple. Hold the image of someone in your mind — it can be yourself! With your eyes closed, begin visualizing an array of colors extending out from their body. Note how the colors change and how subtle or bright they are.

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Try a guided meditation to begin visualizing the subtle glow of auras.


Start With Your Own Aura

This next step is completed with your eyes open. Position yourself in front of a mirror against a neutral background. Gaze ahead but don’t look into your eyes. Just keep a soft focus on the space around your head. You may start noticing a soft glow. It may not be easily perceptible at first but with practice, it gets clearer. Be sure to share any insights in your journal!

Orange Aura Personality Traits

Kim Somers Egelsee, Author, Speaker, Life Coach, and Intuitive, told A-Z-Animals that, “An orange aura shows someone with positive, bubbly, creative and passionate energy with a common theme of regular changes in their lives or work.” The following are the personality traits you can expect from someone with an orange aura.

Outgoing Nature

A person with an orange aura is typically seen as quite extroverted. They genuinely have a good time connecting with new people and their relationships. These people are friendly and well-regarded by those in their social groups. Whereas for some, connecting with others may prove difficult, for a person with an orange aura, it’s second nature.

Open and Expressive

People with orange auras are expert communicators. They’re not afraid to hold back and are quite emotionally expressive. When they’re talking about a topic they are particularly interested in, you see them ignite with passion. These are people who seem to walk with untouchable confidence through the world.

Lively and Energetic

Those with an orange aura are anything but dull. They are energetic people who seem to have a great appreciation for life. Their sense of vitality is contagious, and it makes sense that others are drawn to them.

Laughing girl with daisy in her hairs, showing thumbs up.

People with orange auras are lively with contagious energy.

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Creative Energy

Those with an orange aura are also quite creative individuals. Their internal worlds are just as vibrant as their personalities. These people may pursue careers or hobbies in the arts as they are constantly innovating, conjuring new ideas, and wanting to manifest them into reality. However, they are not only open to their own ideas. They love collaborating and adopting new ideas that others bring to the table.

Balanced and Harmonious

Those with orange auras also seek balance and harmony. Since the color orange combines both yellow and red, a person with this color aura seems to have struck a balance between their physical energy and their mental state. These people seek to find a sense of equilibrium in all they do.

Orange Aura and Sacral Chakra: What’s the Connection?

In Sanskrit, the sacral chakra is called Svadhisthana. This chakra is the second primary chakra, just above the root chakra, and is represented by the color orange. It’s an energy center that sits just above the navel and represents creativity, sensuality, relationships, and emotional well-being. A person with an orange aura is also concerned with these aspects of life, focusing on their social connections, seeking balance and harmony, and being full of vitality. Those with an orange aura are creative and don’t shy away from full emotional expression.

Symbolism of the Color Orange

The color orange has many symbolic meanings and they can vary depending on cultural beliefs. However, some persistent meanings include the following:


Orange is a fiery color, reminiscent of a bonfire or the sun’s rays. There is a sense of comfort associated with this color.


Fiery doesn’t just mean warmth. The color orange is also vibrant, unapologetic, and energetic.


Just as the sun decorates the sky with shades of orange, bringing a sense of awe to all those who witness sunsets, the color orange elicits feelings of joy.

Photo with noise. Fantasy woman standing in water hands raised to sky, praying to sun. Slavic girl in herbal wreath, long hair white dress, pagan divination ritual. Nature blue river sunset. Back view

The color orange elicits feelings of joy and awe.

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Orange is not exactly subtle. It’s not a wallflower kind of color. It’s associated with boldness and confidence.


Closely related to the color red, the color orange also has meanings associated with passion. It can be used to communicate feelings of desire.

Orange Aura in Money and Career

Skillful at Networking

Since socializing comes naturally for a person with an orange aura, you can imagine how skillful they are when it comes to networking. They don’t even call it networking! They have a knack for creating and developing their interpersonal relationships. Eventually, the benefits of having a great pool of friends and acquaintances occur naturally.

Works Hard, Plays Hard

In keeping with a balanced approach, a person with an orange aura does not let work or play rule their lives. They seek to create harmony and devote themselves both to their careers and to their hobbies and social lives. This allows a person with an orange aura to continue with their zest for life instead of losing balance and falling off their path.

Lively Attitude

Whereas some people might have a habit of hitting the snooze button each morning, a person with an orange aura is both energetic and enthusiastic when it comes to work. They’re the ones who walk into the office or hop onto a Zoom meeting with an authentically excited smile on their face, ready to tackle the day’s work. They’re not afraid to invest their time and efforts to produce the results they’re looking for.

Entrepreneurial Leanings

Although those with orange auras make for enthusiastic employees, many also have an entrepreneurial spirit. With their strong work ethic, innovative perspectives, willingness to take risks, and strong social network, they are equipped to handle the task of starting their own business.

Creative, Innovative, and Successful

With the ability to look outside of the box, those with an orange aura typically find that they are quite successful in their chosen careers. Even as challenges present themselves, those with an orange aura know how to navigate them. They are unafraid of executing creative solutions.

Orange Aura in Love and Relationships

Red heart shaped sky at sunset. Beautiful landscape with road and clouds.Love background with copy space. Road to love

People with orange auras are passionate about love.


Passionate About Love

The color orange is vibrant and when in love, a person with an orange aura‘s passion comes through. For someone who is a bit more reserved or distant, a person with an orange aura may come off too intense. However, this is just the way a person with an orange aura expresses themselves. They are emotionally engaged in their interpersonal relationships, and they don’t hide their feelings. As intense as they can be, they’re also warm and inviting, providing a safe space for others in a relationship with them.

Emotionally Open

Those with orange auras are not closed off. They are emotionally open people who highly value their romantic relationships and their friendships. These people communicate openly, which allows partnerships to flourish as they can continuously focus on solutions.

Balanced Approach

As intense as a person with an orange aura may initially feel, they’re balanced. They’re going to be emotionally open, nurturing in their relationships, and emotionally expressive. But they’re also going to seek harmony by following through with their independent pursuits. Whether that be sports or other hobbies, they’re going to take time for themselves so they can show up fully in their relationships.

Creative Expression

You definitely won’t get bored with someone who has an orange aura. They get creative even in their relationships. Sometimes, this looks like a completely different way of saying ‘I love you’ through an activity or a work of art. They don’t fail at keeping their partners on their toes!

Spontaneous and Fun

People with orange auras maintain their lively natures even in their relationships. This shows up as spontaneous trips or activities. They’re adventurous at heart and this allows them to keep getting creative with date nights and trips. Their natural energy keeps relationships fun and exciting.

Orange Aura Blind Spots

Those with orange auras can be fiery and confident, moving through the world swiftly with boundless energy. This means they may have blind spots. Those with orange auras should be mindful when it comes to impulsive behaviors. While spontaneity can be fun, impulsive behaviors can be destructive. Similarly, as energetic as they are, they may become restless. They can assuage the restlessness by choosing exhaustive hobbies like intense sports. Those with an orange aura would also be wise to cultivate patience as not everything or everyone in the world moves as fast as they do.

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