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Larissa Smith is a writer for A-Z Animals with years of experience in plant care and wildlife. After years spent in the South African bush while studying Nature Conservation, she found her way to writing about animals and plants in her work. She hopes to inspire others to appreciate and care for the precious world around them.
Larissa lives in Florida with her two sons, a miniature golden retriever named Pupples, and a colorful succulent garden. In her spare time, she is tending to her garden, adventuring with her kids, and hosting “Real Housewives” watch parties with her friends.

Brussels Sprouts vs. Cabbage Picture

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Lemon Balm vs. Bee Balm Picture

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Larch vs. Tamarack Picture

Enjoy the shade of a majestic tree this summer! Tamaracks are a wonderful option for your property. From young to old, the colors of larch and tamarack will dazzle you… Read More

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