6 Best Dog Parks In Memphis

Written by Emilio Brown
Published: May 20, 2022
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Memphis Tennessee is filled with a variety of things for you to experience, but what about your dog? Dog parks are a great place to take your pup for a good time, but not all are created equal. If you live in the area or are passing through, you may wonder, what are the best dog parks in Memphis? Here you will find 6 of the best dog parks in Memphis to let your pooch run off-leash, and give them a chance to play with others. 

Let’s take a look at 6 of the best dog parks in Memphis, and what each has to offer. Dog parks are one of safest, and best places to let your dog run free when living in a big city. If in the area or passing through Memphis you may find one worth visiting on this list. 

Things to Know

Two Mexican hairless dogs (Xoloitzcuintle, Xolo) on a background of green grass and trees in the park.

It’s important that your dog is well trained before visiting dog parks, to maintain a safe environment.


A good dog park provides a large enough space to release your dog’s energy in a safe and secure area. When taking your dog to any of these dog parks it is important your furry friend is well trained and fully vaccinated. This creates a safe environment for your dog, and for others to safely enjoy their time in these parks. A good dog owner also picks up after their pooch. You may want to bring water with you, even though most have water fountains they may not be working on some days. 

1. City Of Memphis Dog Park

City Of Memphis Dog Park
Location2599 Avery Ave, Memphis, TN 38112
Hours24 Hours

The city of Memphis dog park is one of the first dog parks to be opened in Memphis. This dog park first opened in 2010, and is split into two areas. For larger dogs there is 1 acre of fenced off area so they can run off leash. A smaller area of 0.5 acres is fenced off for smaller dogs less than 25 lbs, or shy and older dogs. A water fountain, benches, and poop bags are located in this park for your use of convenience.

Open 24/7, this dog park is great if you have a busy schedule, but still want to fit in time to exercise your pup. This dog park is very open, and is a nice field to safely let your dog run off-leash. It may lack other amenities other dog parks have like agility courses, or large trees for shade. The City of Memphis Dog Park is located in Tobey Park in Memphis, which also has a skate, and ball field. 

The size of the City of Memphis Dog park is great for letting your dog run, and play. Other dogs in the neighborhood often visit this park, and are ready to socialize. 

2. Mud Island Dog park

A white Hungarian herding dog, Mudi, lying in a field.

The grass surface in Mud Island dog park is well maintied, so it does not get muddy often.


Mud Island Dog Park
Location Mud Island, Island Dr, Memphis, TN 38103
Hours 6AM-8PM
Price Free 

Mud Island Dog Park is a 2 acre off leash area in Green belt park. Smaller dogs under 25 lbs get their own area to play, separated from the larger dogs. Located near downtown Memphis, this dog park has a stunning view of the Mississippi River, as well as the inner city landscape. Being a medium sized dog park there is plenty of space for multiple dogs to run, and exert all of their pent up energy. The dog park is relatively flat, and is a large grassy field fit for dogs to sprint on.

A water fountain for dogs and humans is located in the play area in case your pooch needs a drink. There is plenty of seating and benches in the park, some of which have large blue canopies for shade. In the wet season this dog park may get muddy, but the grass is well taken care of to prevent that.

When going to this park you get a stellar view of the Hernando de Soto bridge, and can watch your dogs play in a large grassy field.

3. Central Bark Dog Park 

Central Bark Dog Park
Location 539 S Front St, Memphis, TN 38103
Hours 24 Hours
Price Free 

Central Bark dog park is located in the South Main district of Memphis Tennessee. This dog park uses chain link, and wooden fencing, and has wood chip flooring. It is separated into two areas. One area is for larger dogs, while the other is for breeds smaller than 25 lbs. Benches are located in both areas with umbrellas and a canopy for shade.

For dogs this park has a small tunnel for them to run through, and other agility toys for them to play with. There is plenty of space for large pooches to run and get out all their energy, but it is not the largest of dog parks.There is a water fountain with a bowl. Central Bark dog park is in a convenient place for those who live in the area. While it is a simple park it is open 24/7, and great for letting your pup run around in the, in a safe place within the city. 

4. Overton Bark 

Why do dogs put their ears back

Dog parks like the one in Overton are the some of the best places to bring your dog to socialize.


Overton Bark Dog Park
Location 2080 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38104
Hours 6AM-8PM
Price Free 

Overton Bark dog park is a 1.3 acre dog play area located in the center of Overton Park. This dog park is separated into two areas to give smaller breeds under 25 lbs a safe area to play. The Overton Bark Dog park first opened in June 2012, and is located in the Midtown Memphis area. This dog park is located in Overton park, which is a large 342 acre public park. Dogs must be on a leash when not in the dog area, and there are other things to enjoy in the area like a Lake, golf course, and museum. 

In the overton bark dog park there are benches, and other seating to watch your dog play. Large trees are located in the play area for shade. The ground is covered in wood chips, and mulch. Poop bags, and garbage cans are abundant in this park in case your pup poops. A water fountain is located in this park, with giant blocks of wood for sitting or playing.

5. Bartlett Dog Park 

Bartlett Dog Park
Location 5220 Shelter Run Ln, Memphis, TN 38135 
Hours 5 AM-8 PM 

The Bartlett dog park is a grassy area for letting your pup run off-leash. This dog park is separated into areas for larger, and smaller dogs. Bartlett dog park is regularly cleaned, but in the wet season it may get muddy. An animal shelter is located next to the Bartlett dog park which is in charge of maintaining the park. Poop bags, and trash cans are located throughout the park in case you have to clean up your dog’s mess.

Bartlett dog park is a large grassy fully fenced off so you can safely  let your canine run free. A dog playground, and other agility courses are located in this park. There is plenty of space for the largest of dogs to run, and get out all of their energy. In the wet season there is an area that collects water if your pup is a breed that loves to get its paws wet.

Around the area of this park are trailers, sports fields, and walking paths if you want to go on a leashed adventure with your pup.

6. Shelby Farms Dog Park

Dutch shepherd walking in field

As the largest dog park in Memphis, Shelby farms dog park is aorund 100 acres for your pooch to explore.

©iStock.com/Tamara Harding

Shelby Farms Dog Park
LocationRaleigh Lagrange Rd, Memphis, TN 38134

Shelby farms dog park is the largest play area for your pup in Memphis, and gives them 100 acres of land for them to explore, and play off-leash. In this dog park there are different trails and open fields, giving your pup almost endless space to expend their energy. If you have a water loving breed there are three different ponds perfect for letting your pup cool off. 

The size of this park makes it stand out from the others in Memphis, and gives your dog almost endless things to do. You may also see hikers, and cyclists enjoying the scenery. When going to this dog park you should have one dog per person, and ensure your pup is well trained to listen to command. You may see other dogs for your furry friend to play with in this dog park, but this area is best for letting your pup explore the great outdoors. 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © iStock.com/Kruck20

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