6 Monstera Houseplant Benefits

Written by August Croft
Updated: June 6, 2023
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All houseplants benefit us in subtle but necessary ways, so what might all of the monstera houseplant benefits be for you? Notorious for their striking leaves and vining growth habit, monsteras are large and easy to take care of. But how might they benefit your own home if you choose to grow and keep one for yourself? 

Monstera houseplants can directly benefit you by purifying the air that you breathe, reducing stress levels, and lowering the overall humidity levels wherever it is kept in your home. Additionally, monsteras absorb a great deal of sound, are beautiful ornamental plants used in feng shui, and are a perfect plant to propagate and distribute as a gift to all of your friends! 

In this article, we will go over a few different ways that a monstera houseplant might benefit you, from its appearance to its ability to reduce stress. We will address some subtle benefits as well as some more obvious ones so that you can fully understand what makes a monstera houseplant special. Let’s get started now! 

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6 Ways Monstera Houseplants Can Benefit You

Monstera Houseplant Benefits

Monstera houseplants can be up to 10 feet high.


While the monstera deliciosa is the most popular monstera species currently cultivated for houseplant production, all monstera species can benefit you in a similar way. Here are some of the top ways that taking care of a monstera will benefit you. 

Monstera Houseplant Benefits: Cleaner Air

Actively studied in a number of fields and around the world, it’s no secret that keeping houseplants can help clean the air that you breathe in your own home. Monstera houseplants are a fantastic choice for accomplishing purified air within the confines of your own house given their large leaves and ability to absorb a number of toxins. While they aren’t miracle workers, keeping a monstera for air purification is one of the primary benefits of this houseplant. 

Monstera Houseplant Benefits: Reduced Stress

Monstera Houseplant Benefits

With uniquely splitting leaves, the monstera deliciosa is an extremely popular houseplant.

©Sozina Kseniia/Shutterstock.com

While having the ability to forest bathe in a natural habitat surrounded by trees and wildlife is one of the easiest ways to reduce stress, you can recreate the art of forest bathing within your own home. By keeping a monstera and having it in a location that you see every single day, studies suggest that most houseplants can help reduce stress and allow for more relaxation in our day-to-day lives. 

Monstera Houseplant Benefits: Lower Humidity Levels

While most houseplants, monsteras included, need humidity in order to thrive, you may be interested in placing a monstera in a particularly humid location in your house. Using their leaves, roots, and stems, monsteras absorb excess humidity in the air, giving you less probability of mold and mildew damage down the line. Keep in mind that your monstera loves humidity and you may need to provide it with a bit of extra moisture during the driest parts of the year. 

Monstera Houseplant Benefits: Sound Absorption

Monstera Houseplant Benefits

Besides being a beautiful ornamental plant that is likely to attract a lot of attention, your monstera is a great choice if you believe in the art of feng shui.

©Francois Louw/Shutterstock.com

Did you know that the average indoor-grown monstera reaches anywhere from 4 to 8 feet tall? The large size of these plants, particularly their foliage, helps absorb sound within your home. If you work from home or simply want a bit less echo within your living area, consider keeping a monstera houseplant indoors. While it won’t entirely cover up the sound of your noisy roommates, it will help diminish some amount of excess noise or sound daily! 

Monstera Houseplant Benefits: Feng Shui Placement

Besides being a beautiful ornamental plant that is likely to attract a lot of attention, your monstera is a great choice if you believe in the art of feng shui. Practiced around the world and designed to bring Harmony and peace into your home, feng shui is the act of placing objects and arranging your home in such a way as to support a harmonic environment. The upward growth habit of the average monstera brings upward movement and growth opportunities into your own home, as well as creating a positive environment overall. 

Monstera Houseplant Benefits: Easy to Propagate

Monstera Houseplant Benefits

You can easily propagate monsteras so long as they are healthy and are propagated safely.


A final benefit to keeping a monstera houseplant in your own home is the fact that it is easy to propagate and share. Monsteras are easy to care for and make a great gift, even for your friends that don’t exactly have green thumbs. You can easily propagate monsteras so long as they are healthy and are propagated safely. Plus, you can even keep your propagated monstera stems in water and let your friends choose when and where they want to plant them! 

Check out our list of other articles, all having to do with monsteras. There’s even a helpful guide on how to best propagate these popular houseplants so that you can indeed share them with the people in your life! 

Summary Of 6 Ways Monstera Houseplants Can Benefit You

1Cleaner Air
2Reduces Stress
3Lower Humidity Levels
4Sound Absorption
5Feng Shui Placement
6Easy to Propagate
Summary Table Of 6 Ways Monstera Houseplants Can Benefit You

The photo featured at the top of this post is © AngieYeoh/Shutterstock.com

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