Are Dogs Allowed In Marshalls? Important Rules to Know

Written by Jennifer Magid
Published: December 8, 2023
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Luckily, dogs can join their owners for shopping excursions at more places than ever. Whether you head to the mall or your favorite chain store, you’ll likely see dogs happily wandering the aisles with their people. But which stores allow dogs, and what are the rules? You’re in luck if you head to this store. Marshalls allows dogs in their stores.

Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Marshalls

a purebred Happy Dog Papillon  sitting in a shopping cart on blurred flower store in the background. selective focus

Well-behaved dogs are welcome in pet-friendly Marshalls stores.

©Roman Mykhalchuk/iStock via Getty Images

Be a good pet owner if you bring along your dog to Marshalls. Always keep your dog leashed, even if the store policy doesn’t say it outright. Be prepared with supplies in case your dog has an accident in the store. And if your dog is disruptive to any other customers or pets in the store, be polite and leave.

Why Would a Marshalls Store Not Allow Dogs?

The TJX company, which owns Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, and HomeGoods, is a pet-friendly company. However, it does not have an official policy about bringing dogs into stores. That leaves the decision to bring pets into a store to the manager of that particular location. The store has the right to refuse any pets but service dogs. This may be based on local ordinances, as well. Always call the store and check before just showing up with your dog.

Why Is a Service Dog Allowed in Any Store?

Types of Service Dogs

Service dogs are legally allowed to enter all public spaces.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that service dogs are allowed to accompany their owners into any public location. Store managers are not permitted to request documentation or proof of the person’s disability before allowing the dog to enter. However, this law does not cover emotional support animals, as they do not undergo the same level of training and certification. 

What Stores Can’t Dogs Go In?

Pet dogs and emotional support animals are usually not allowed in locations where food is prepared or sold, such as grocery stores. Large chains like Target, Ikea, and Costco also do not allow any dogs but service dogs to enter their store. If you’re unsure about taking your dog somewhere, it’s always best to give the store a call first and ask.

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