Cammi Morgan
Author for A-Z Animals

Cam Morgan is a queer forest dweller writing about animals, plants, and ecological-centered living from the hollers of Southeast Appalachia where she lives off-grid in her self-built cabin. She shares 20 forested acres with her wonderful partners and pals, an ever-growing pack of rescue dogs, and all the plants and critters who call these woods home.

Can You Plant Mushrooms? Picture

If you're an avid gardener and are becoming interested in fungi, you may be wondering if you can plant mushrooms. While some folks think mushrooms are plants, and thus could… Read More

By Cammi Morgan 2 weeks ago

The chaga mushroom has become quite popular in recent years due to increased marketing of "medicinal mushrooms" via supplements, teas, tinctures, powders, and even coffee mixes. If you're wondering what… Read More

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3 Amazing Types of Oyster Mushrooms Picture

If you're interested in foraging or growing mushrooms, you're likely familiar with oyster mushrooms. This delightful genus of fungi contains some wonderfully choice edibles. In this guide, we'll broadly discuss… Read More

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4 Types of Cooking Mushrooms Picture

If you enjoy cooking, you may be interested in accumulating a list of various commercially produced mushrooms to use in your culinary repertoire. In this guide, we'll talk about four… Read More

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How to Dry Mushrooms Picture

Drying mushrooms is an excellent method for long-term food storage and culinary use. If you've never dried mushrooms at home before, you may not know where to start. Thankfully, we've… Read More

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4 Types of Brown Mushrooms Picture

While you can find mushrooms in all colors of the rainbow, it's extremely common to come across brown mushrooms. If you're interested in mushroom foraging, you may be familiar with… Read More

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How to Grow Porcini Mushrooms Picture

Porcinis are a delicious and rather expensive choice mushroom well-loved for their savory taste and meaty texture. Porcini mushrooms can often cost $55-$70 per pound, knowing that you may be… Read More

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4 Types Of Outdoor Cacti Picture

If you're interested in growing various types of outdoor cacti, you might be wondering which species are the best fit for your climate zone and soil type. You may think… Read More

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4 Types of Indoor Cacti Picture

Are you looking for low-maintenance houseplants? Well, step right up to the wonderful world of indoor cacti. These unique and beautiful plants are an excellent choice for beginner gardeners, folks… Read More

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5 Types of Cactus Plants Picture

Low-maintenance, hardy plants that feature unique shapes and colorful blooms, cacti are wonderful plants to grow both inside and outside. This diverse family of plants produces a variety of growing… Read More

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