Em Casalena
Author for A-Z Animals

I'm a lover of all things sustainability, from urban farming to not killing houseplants. I love carnivorous plants, indigenous crops, and air-cleansing indoor plants. My area of expertise lies in urban farming and conscious living. A proud Southwest Institute of Healing Arts graduate and certified Urban Farming instructor.

How To Prune Roses Step by Step Picture

Roses are beloved by many flower growers, but they are difficult to care for. Roses have a terrible reputation for being fragile, challenging to grow, hard to maintain, and vulnerable… Read More

By Em Casalena 4 weeks ago

How To Prune Climbing Roses Picture

Possibly the most crucial task you can perform for your climbing roses is pruning. It provides your rose with structure and shape and promotes fresh blooms for the next season. … Read More

By Em Casalena 4 weeks ago

Roses That Grow In Shade Picture

If you're looking for roses that grow in shade, you're in luck. Roses are typically thought of as full-sun-loving plants and are not typically thought of for shady gardening. However,… Read More

By Em Casalena 4 weeks ago

How To Trim Roses Picture

Even novice gardeners may produce lovely results when they understand the fundamentals of trimming roses. Pruning is nothing to be afraid of! Most of the guidelines and cautions out there… Read More

By Em Casalena 4 weeks ago