Phil Dubley
Author for A-Z Animals

My name is Phil Dubley, I am a Canadian living in Argentina, but tomorrow I could be writing from anywhere else.

Throughout my life, I've been in love with nature: plants, animals, people, and everything in it. I have a passion for wild animals - snakes, sharks, and felines have always fascinated me.

As for plants, I love succulents. I have a collection of over ten different varieties on my terrace. Also, I use the hemp plant as CBD oil for sleep: it has been the only thing to tackle my insomnia effectively.

I want to share all my knowledge about the areas I am passionate about with others who feel the same way. I hope you enjoy my articles, and in each one, you learn something new!

How Long Do Reindeer Live? Picture

How long reindeer live is a question many people are curious about, but few know the answer to. Although these animals typically have a life expectancy of 10 to 20… Read More

By Phil Dubley 1 month ago

5 Mythical Christmas Animals Picture

Animals are ever present in myths and old stories, and Christmas is no exception. The most wonderful time of year brings along some animals that have shaped how we experience… Read More

By Phil Dubley 1 month ago

Epic Battles: Reindeer vs. Bear Picture

Despite not being avid hunters, reindeer are powerhouses of strength and power. Although not all equal, bears tend to be great hunters and feared foragers on many continents. In fact,… Read More

By Phil Dubley 2 months ago

What is Reindeer Moss? Picture

Reindeer moss is neither plant nor animal. It's a fungus! This fungus is essential for a reindeer's survival, growing in both hot and cold climates in open, well-drained environments. There… Read More

By Phil Dubley 2 months ago

Is a Reindeer an Actual Deer? Picture

Reindeer are fascinating animals. They can easily spot predators thanks to their ability to see ultraviolet light, and some reindeer migrate the farthest of any terrestrial animal. To this day,… Read More

By Phil Dubley 2 months ago

Can You Name Every Reindeer Santa Has? Picture

Christmas is approaching, and you’ll start seeing images of Santa’s magical reindeer everywhere. You probably already know about Rudolph, the luminous attention-seeker, but can you name the rest? Here we’ll… Read More

By Phil Dubley 2 months ago

The 7 Best Coleus Companion Plants Picture

Companion planting refers to cultivating two or more species close to each other for mutual benefit. Although research is scarce, anecdotal reports suggest that it is a highly effective practice.… Read More

By Phil Dubley 3 months ago

Do Deer Eat Coleus? Picture

Although deer aren’t picky eaters, they won’t just munch down anything they find. This usually includes Coleus, a family of perennial shrubs that grow in humid climates and are typically… Read More

By Phil Dubley 3 months ago

When to Plant Coleus by Zone Picture

Coleus is a genus of plants that thrive in tropical and subtropical areas. They need warm temperatures to grow and can easily die at low temperatures. For this reason, you… Read More

By Phil Dubley 3 months ago