Best Swimming Holes In Indiana

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: December 6, 2022
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Hoosiers are constantly seeking methods to stay cool outside because Indiana summers can be quite warm. Of course, among the most common methods to unwind and cool off is to go for a little swim. 

There are some very cool underappreciated swimming holes you can try out. This summer, beat the heat by swimming at one of these fantastic Indiana locations.

White Rock Park

Without a doubt, we’ve discovered one of the state’s top swimming spots. There are activities for everyone in your family, from those who are pleased to simply lay on the lake to our hard-core thrill seekers, at this spring-fed lake with turquoise water. 

Cliff jumping, zip lines, and a rope swing fit for any little Tarzan are all on the agenda. The undiscovered White Rock Park can be found in the little Indiana town of St. Paul, which is approximately 45 minutes from downtown Indianapolis.

Six floating docks are dispersed across the area, and there are three fixed docks for stepping out onto the lake. A rope swing, two zip lines that span the width of the ravine, and four ledges with heights of 10, 15, 25, and 30 feet each are available for cliff jumping. None of these have a height or age restriction. Your kid is welcome to try it out if you and your family are confident with their skills.

White Rock Park in Indiana
White Rock Park has a spring-fed lake with turquoise water and a list of ways to enjoy this swimming hole in Indiana.

©Kyle Hartshorn / Flickr – License

Lake Monroe Spillway

Numerous tourists from the Midwest travel to Lake Monroe and the Lake Monroe Spillway each year to savor the lake’s pleasant, chilly water. Because The Spillway is the less popular item in the area, it is always much less crowded and calmer than the larger body of water

From the Salt Creek Recreation Area, travel on Monroe Dam Road until you reach Valley Mission Road. Although swimming is a great activity to partake in at the Spillway, there are plenty of other options.

Fishing, paddling, backpacking, and scuba diving are popular outdoor activities along the Spillway. It’s understandable why Indiana residents adore this tiny slice of heaven; in addition to being breathtakingly beautiful, it’s also a ton of fun and ideal for the entire family. 

Enjoy the watershed’s surrounding more than 350,000 acres of stunning deciduous woodland. But in the end, there’s nothing that compares to the pleasures of a refreshing swim on a hot, muggy day.

Lake Munroe Indiana
Numerous tourists from the Midwest travel to Lake Monroe and the Lake Monroe Spillway each year to savor the lake’s pleasant, chilly water.

©Morgan Calliope / Flickr – License

Fox Island Park

Southwest Allen County contains a 605-acre park called Fox Island. 270 acres of this park have been set aside as a state nature preserve, which safeguards regions with rare flora, animals, or geographical features. 

Visitors can take in the tranquility and grandeur of the park on the seven miles of defined paths that wind through the preserve. The natural swimming area called Bowman Lake is the most intriguing and well-liked feature. 

Since there is no lifeguard on duty, people are free to swim at their own risk from the little beach that leads into the lake. Both on the beach and in the lake, dogs are welcome. Additionally, visitors use the beach for water sports, sandcastle building, and sunbathing.

Prairie Creek Reservoir

The distance between Muncie and this lovely park is about five kilometers. The lake and park area features over 750 acres of undeveloped terrain and 3.3 miles of waterways for recreational use. 

For you, your friends, and your family to enjoy, this place provides a variety of activities. Fishing, sunbathing, boating, camping, hiking/biking trails, ATV trails, and horseback riding trails are just a few of the many activities they provide. 

In addition, Prairie Creek plays host to a number of magnificent occasions, including triathlons, musicals, festivals, and family reunions. Additionally, they have overnight cottages and rental shelters!

Prairie Creek Reservoir in Indiana
Prairie Creek Reservoir in Indiana features over 750 acres of undeveloped terrain and 3.3 miles of waterways for recreational use. 

©Jake Sewell/

Scales Lake

Scales Lake Park is tucked away in southwest Indiana, slightly northeast of Boonville, in a breathtaking naturalistic environment. The park’s facilities are perfect for camping, boating, fishing, swimming, picnics, hiking, and a wide range of other outdoor activities thanks to its 66-acre lake. 

Scales Lake Park is a fantastic location, whether you choose a lodge, campsites with amenities, or rustic camping. This is a great spot to bring the entire family for a weekend getaway. 

Through Chandler, IN and Evansville, IN, travel east on Highway 62. Continue right through Boonville after you pass the courthouse square. At Main Street Baptist Church, there is a stoplight. For one block, stay on Hwy 62 straight. Onto Walnut Street, turn left. After walking two blocks, turn left into Parklane Drive. Straight ahead till you come to our front gate.

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Beach at Lake Monroe, Indiana
Beach at Lake Monroe, Indiana.
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