Black Mouth Cur Prices in 2024: Purchase Cost, Vet Bills, and More!

Written by Erin Whitten
Published: November 5, 2023
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Navigating the costs associated with acquiring a Black Mouth Cur in 2024 is essential for prospective owners. This overview provides well needed clarity on purchase prices, which can range significantly based on breeder reputation, and also sheds light on expenses like vet bills. We aim to equip you with a thorough understanding of the financial commitment required to ensure the well-being of this dedicated and energetic breed.

How Much Does a Black Mouth Cur Puppy Cost?

When looking into the financial aspect of acquiring a Black Mouth Cur puppy, owners should be aware that costs can vary widely based on the source of the puppy.

A cute Black Mouth Cur dog standing on the middle of a grass-covered field on a warm and sunny day

You should be aware of any costs for obtaining a Black Mouth Cur.

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Opting to adopt a Black Mouth Cur is considerably economical. Animal shelters and rescue groups typically charge an adoption fee that encompasses the essential care costs. On average, this fee is around $300. This amount contributes towards vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and sometimes includes microchipping and initial veterinary wellness checks. It also provides homes for dogs that are less fortunate, and oftentimes a result of backyard breeding practices.

Breeder Pricing

In the case of purchasing from a breeder, the prices are substantially higher and fluctuate depending on the breeder’s reputation, the lineage of the puppies, and the level of socialization and training they have received. The cost spectrum for a Black Mouth Cur from a breeder can range from $300 to $1,000. Generally, the breakdown is as follows.

Puppy Mills: While you may find prices around $300 at puppy mills, these places are strongly discouraged. They’re notorious for prioritizing profit over the well-being of the animals. These mills often fail to provide proper health care or socialization for the dogs.

Backyard Breeders: Costs can vary significantly with backyard breeders. They might not have the same level of expertise or offer the health guarantees that come with more professional and ethical breeders.

Reputable Breeders: On the upper end, reputable breeders who invest in the health and genetics of the Black Mouth Curs, as well as their early socialization and training, may charge from $800 to $1,000. These breeders are often the best option for a healthy, well-adjusted puppy, as they ensure proper temperament and lower the chances of health issues later in life.

Source of PuppyPrice RangeNotes
Adoption~$300Includes basic care costs and supports animal welfare.
Puppy MillsNot advisableLow cost, but associated with high ethical and health risks.
Backyard Breeders$300-$500Variable expertise, less predictable outcomes.
Reputable Breeders$800-$1,000Higher cost, but with a focus on health and pedigree.

Other Factors That Influence the Purchase Price of a Black Mouth Cur

Understanding the various elements that contribute to the pricing of a Black Mouth Cur can aid prospective owners in finding a balance between a fair price and a healthy, happy pet.

Regional Availability

The availability of Black Mouth Curs in a given region can significantly affect their price. These dogs are not as easily found as some other breeds, meaning their price can vary based on location. They are more available in the rural Southern United States, which could result in a lower price due to higher supply. Conversely, in urban areas or regions distant from their place of origin can drive prices up for these pups.

Fawn and White Color Shorthaired Black Mouth Cur Puppy Relaxing Outside on Sunny Day

A Black Mouth Cur in the South is more common and affordable compared to urban settings.

©Anna Hoychuk/

Breeder’s Expenses

The cost of raising a Black Mouth Cur also impacts its sale price. Breeders factor in their expenses, which include healthcare, nutrition, and living conditions for the dogs. A lower price may indicate cost-cutting measures that could potentially compromise the dog’s well-being. It is crucial for buyers to investigate a breeder’s practices to ensure they are ethical.

Transportation Costs

For individuals considering purchasing from a breeder located at a distance, transportation fees must be taken into account. These fees can sometimes negate any savings made from a lower purchase price.

Healthcare Considerations

A cheaper upfront cost should not distract from the potential healthcare expenses due to inherited health issues. It is essential to consider that treatments for health problems can rapidly become expensive. Single treatments could end up costing hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Cost of Vaccination and Other Medical Expenses for a Black Mouth Cur

Upon acquiring a Black Mouth Cur, the initial medical expenses are an essential part of the early care for the puppy. These expenses include a series of vaccinations, parasite control, spaying or neutering, and other preventative health measures.


The core vaccinations for a Black Mouth Cur puppy will cover Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, and Rabies. These vaccinations are typically administered in a series over the first few months of the puppy’s life and can cost between $75 to $100 per visit.

Other Medical Expenses

  • Flea, tick, and heartworm prevention: Ranging from $50 to $200 annually, depending on the chosen products.
  • Spaying or neutering: This one-time cost can range from $200 to $500.
  • Microchipping: Typically around $40 to $60 for the chip and its registration.

Owners should also anticipate annual check-ups, which can cost upwards of $50 to $100, excluding any additional treatments or medications.

Cost of Food and Supplies for a Black Mouth Cur

High-quality dog food$50 – $80
Food and water bowls$10 – $30
Collar and leash$20 – $50
Dog bed$30 – $100
Crate$40 – $150
Toys$30 – $100
Grooming supplies$30 – $50

How Much Does It Cost to Insure a Black Mouth Cur

The cost of insuring a Black Mouth Cur, as with any dog breed, can vary widely based on several factors. Here’s an outline of what you can expect:

Basic Coverage: This typically includes unexpected accidents and injuries. For a Black Mouth Cur, the price for basic coverage might range from $15 to $30 per month.

Comprehensive Coverage: This is more inclusive, covering both accidents and illnesses (including hereditary and congenital conditions, if not pre-existing). Comprehensive plans can cost anywhere from $30 to $50 per month for a Black Mouth Cur.

Premium Plans: These plans may cover routine care in addition to accidents and illnesses, and they can exceed $50 per month, depending on the limit and deductible you’ve selected.

How Much Does It Cost to Train a Black Mouth Cur

For a breed as intelligent and energetic as the Black Mouth Cur, early and consistent training is essential to mitigate potential behavioral challenges. It’s crucial to engage with reputable trainers who employ positive reinforcement methods ensuring the best outcomes for both the dog and its owner.

Fawn and White Color Shorthaired Black Mouth Cur Puppies Relaxing Outside on Sunny Day

Smart and lively, a Black Mouth Cur thrives with early training from skilled trainers using positive reinforcement techniques.

©Anna Hoychuk/

At the foundation, puppy training classes, which cover essential commands and socialization, may cost from $50 to $125 for a typical 4 to 8-session course. For those seeking more thorough obedience training over several weeks, prices for group sessions can increase to a range of $100 to $200. Individual needs or preferences for private training sessions can elevate the cost significantly, with one-on-one attention running between $50 to $120 per hour, totaling $250 to $1,200 depending on the number of sessions required.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Jennifer Kramer/

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