Blue Aura Meaning: Personality, Energy, and Symbolism

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: October 15, 2023
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A subtle blue light that emanates from your being has significance. The shade of blue that appears clarifies what you’re feeling and experiencing. But what exactly are these meanings? Discover the meaning of a blue aura, including the personality and energy of those with this aura color and the symbolism of the color blue!

Aura Overview

An aura is a subtle yet light-filled energy field that emanates from living beings. Within a metaphysical context, a person’s aura reveals several pieces of information, including personality traits, emotions, and energetic intentions.

There are several different belief systems that incorporate the understanding of auras and invite those who are curious to learn how to read them. Typically, an aura is an energy field that you can perceive surrounding a living being from their head down to their feet.

Although you have five physical senses, with your intuition, you can tap into what is beyond the physical world. Auric fields have different layers, and each layer has its own color. These colors change depending on how a person is feeling.

Generally, there’s a dominant color that emanates more strongly than the rest. That color represents the physical, mental, and emotional states of a person or other living being. Practices that work with auras exist and help with healing and balancing different energies.

An aura is an energetic field that emanates from your body.

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How to Perceive Auras

The ability to perceive auras isn’t designated only for certain people. Anybody can learn to perceive auras with a little bit of dedicated practice. You can practice with other people, pets, or even with your house plants! But one of the exercises that helps you with this ability requires only you and a mirror.

Find a room in your home where you won’t be disturbed. Make sure it’s well-lit and you have a mirror (full-length) in front of you. Stand against a plain, light-colored wall. Then, look into the mirror. Don’t look at yourself; rather, find a spot just above your head or right next to either one of your shoulders. You’re not looking at yourself — you’re looking just outside of yourself.

Soften your gaze the way you do when you start daydreaming. Keep your gaze soft for another minute or two until you start to perceive a subtle light that emanates from your being. This color or set of colors is your aura. The more you engage with this practice, the clearer those colors and lights become.

Blue Aura Meaning


A person with a blue aura tends to have a rather tranquil and composed personality. These people are excellent listeners and great communicators. They lean into wisdom because their desire for life is to enjoy balance and harmony. These are the type of people who seek out peace and who know how to settle conflicts.

Kim Somers Egelsee, Author, Speaker, Life Coach, and Intuitive told A-Z-Animals, “A blue aura around someone means that they are tuned into divine energy and have a strong peacefulness about them. They usually remain calm in stressful situations and live in their truth.”


The energy of a person with a blue aura points to emotional stability. These people seem to have an even-keeled disposition even during times when you would expect them to be anxious. They’re not emotionally reactive and instead display emotional intelligence, maturity, and stability.

Their presence alone has a healing quality to it and if you’ve encountered this type of person, you know just how relaxed they make you feel. A person with a blue aura likely has a strong spiritual connection with the divine. They’ve tapped into their highest selves and operate from that perspective.


Often, people who have similar aura colors gravitate to one another. However, a person with a blue aura has such a stable emotional state that they are unaffected by the energies of others. They are very well grounded in who they are and are connected to the spiritual realm, which provides them with a sense of balance others admire.

People with blue auras do not like conflict or aggression. Neither do they like excessive noise or disturbances. They’ve worked hard to establish a stable foundation on which they can stand, and generally gravitate to others who appreciate spiritual pursuits. If they find themselves around people they are incompatible with, however, they are graceful in the way they speak with and treat others.


The color blue is associated with peace and serenity. Much like the calm, gentle waves in the deep blue sea or the backdrop of the sky, the color blue instills a sense of tranquility. Those with a blue aura exude a sense of integrity as well, which makes them trustworthy. If you have a blue aura or you know someone who has a blue aura, you know that these are committed people who remain loyal to themselves and to their loved ones.

Shades of Blue Auras

There are different shades of blue that can appear in someone’s aura. Depending on the shade, there’s a slightly different meaning to that person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual state.

Light Blue

A person with a light blue aura doesn’t just carry a calmness with them, they also have clarity in the way they think, perceive, and communicate. They know how to wield their words not as weapons but as olive branches. They are diplomatic and gentle because they are sensitive to how others are feeling. Their power is subtle but effective.

Navy Blue

A person with a darker blue aura like the color navy has a mature disposition. These people know what it’s like to take responsibility for their lives. They have achieved a level of stability based on all of the experiences they’ve had. This is not someone you can easily topple. People with navy blue auras are grounded. They are determined and steadfast when it comes to achieving their goals.

Teal Blue

A person with a teal aura is both creative and adaptable. These people prioritize balance between their hearts (meaning their emotions) and their minds (meaning their intellect). They’re flexible in the way they move through their lives, many times pursuing artistic endeavors while also focusing on healing.                                                                            

The Aura and Chakra Connection

The different colors that appear in auras are also closely related to the different chakra points in your body. The color blue is associated with the throat chakra, which is located right over your throat. This chakra governs communication and the ability to express yourself clearly.

Close-up of man's face with a blue, purple, and pink aura emanating from him.

Blue auras are closely linked to the throat chakra, which is also blue.

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When someone has a balanced throat chakra, they are able to speak with intention, they are honest, and they are unafraid of saying what is true for them. If somebody has a blue aura, spiritual belief systems confirm that these people have a strong presence. They are in tune with themselves, which is why they’re such great speakers and writers.

If a person is actively working on self-expression and confidence in who they are, their aura may reflect the color blue because that is the area they are focused on healing. The throat chakra is all about expression — not just verbal expression but also creative expression. Taking up a painting class or a drawing class is an expression led by the throat chakra and a person engaged in such a creative work may emanate a blue aura.

Blue Auras in Love and Relationships

Clear Communicator

In relationships, a person with a blue aura prioritizes communication. Not just talking to talk. They are clear and direct, able to express what they’re thinking and what they’re feeling in an easy-to-understand way. In the same way they expect full attention from their partners, they give it back. They’re excellent listeners, which allows them to foster deep connections with the people they love.

Stable and Balanced

People with blue auras are not erratic. They are stable and grounded. These are people who show up the same way every day with their partners, which invites a sense of safety and security within the relationship. They don’t experience mood swings that lead to uncharacteristic behaviors. They’re dependable in relationships.

Loyal and Trustworthy

A person with a blue aura is reliable. They are the kind of people you can trust with your secrets and because of the way that they carry themselves, you never question their loyalty. Part of their growth process has involved keeping integrity with themselves and in order for them to maintain emotional stability, they walk alongside certain spiritual principles. This makes them incredible partners who know how to make you feel secure.

Empathetic and Harmonious

A person with a blue aura highly values harmony in their relationships. That’s not to say they avoid conflict. Instead, they’ve mastered the art of resolving conflicts in a peaceful manner. They’re highly sensitive and are able to tune in to the emotions of others as a means of gathering information. They seek to understand, which is what allows them to be so supportive in the way they behave and communicate with those they love.

Blue Auras With Money and Career

Professional and Communicative

In the same way those with blue auras are dependable in personal relationships, they are reliable in the workplace. They communicate professionally and keep a strong work ethic as they dedicate their time to focusing on their responsibilities. Maintaining professionalism is not something that people with blue auras have to strive for. It’s something that comes naturally to them.

Trustworthy Problem Solver

When a person has a blue aura, they’re ethical in all their dealings. This becomes apparent to anyone who is around them and it’s why so many people trust them. With their empathetic listening skills, their intelligence, and their ability to think logically, they are fantastic when it comes to problem-solving. They can look at the whole picture, analyze potential outcomes, and prepare a plan that resolves issues efficiently and effectively.

Analytical Leader

People with blue auras are silent leaders. They don’t need to shout from the rooftops that they’re a leader. People with blue auras lead by example. They think analytically, which allows them to make decisions from a grounded place. They’re well-informed, they are thorough, and they are decisive. It’s no wonder others look to them for advice frequently.

Emotionally Intelligent

The emotional intelligence of a person with a blue aura is higher than others. In the workplace, interpersonal dynamics can be quite intricate. Those with a blue aura navigate work environments almost effortlessly. Combining all of their attributes, they are able to float through these spaces, bringing a sense of tranquility and resolution into every room they walk into.

Blue Auras and Areas for Improvement

Those with blue auras are known for their emotional stability but sometimes, that composure may come at a cost. Those with blue auras must also ensure they are sharing their own emotions and not just keeping the peace. Similarly, those with blue auras must prioritize self-care. To keep being the emotionally stable people they are, they need to protect their energies. They need time to themselves to recharge.

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