13 Compelling Reasons to Adopt a Dog

Written by Amber LaRock
Updated: July 21, 2023
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If you are looking for a reason to welcome a canine friend into your family, then look no further! We have compiled a list of 13 reasons why you should consider adopting a dog, and why this could be one of the best decisions for your future!

Ranging from a dog‘s unconditional love to the companionship they provide, let’s discuss 13 compelling reasons to adopt a dog!

1. Adopting a Dog Saves a Life

Young woman with Beagle dog in the summer park. Obedient pet with his owner practicing paw command

You are not only changing a dog’s life through adoption, but you may even be saving a life.

©Maria Sbytova/Shutterstock.com

You are not only changing a dog’s life when you adopt, but you may even be saving a life. Animal shelters and rescues are often overflowing with pets that need a home, and some shelters are forced to turn animals away due to their high capacity. Some shelters are even forced to put animals to sleep if they are too crowded. If you adopt a dog, you are likely saving a life.

2. Rescue Dogs Offer Unconditional Love

beagle and owner

There’s no love quite like the love a rescue dog can offer you!

©Nina Buday/Shutterstock.com

There’s no love quite like the love a rescue dog can offer you! Many people that have adopted dogs from a shelter or rescue say that they are even more loving than the average pup, as they are so appreciative of the life you offered them. By adopting a canine friend and offering comfort and stability, the pup will reward you with unconditional love!

3. Improvements in Health

Dog, Dog Walking, Walking, Hiking, Leash

Having a pet can decrease high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and feelings of loneliness.


Did you know that having a dog can improve your health? Studies show that having a pet can decrease high blood pressure, decrease high cholesterol, diminish feelings of loneliness, and even combat anxiety and depression. The bond between dogs and their owners has even been linked to improvement of PTSD symptoms. We may be changing a dog’s life when we adopt, but they change ours as well!

4. It May Save Your Life Too

dog cuddling

The bond between dogs and their owners has been linked to improvement of PTSD symptoms.


We mentioned above that adopting a dog can save their life, but pet adoption saves more lives than just one! Each time a pet is adopted, one more spot becomes available for the next dog in need. By clearing the shelters and adopting rescue dogs, we automatically allow shelters and rescues to help more furry friends. Adopting a dog causes a positive ripple effect in your local animal community!

5. You Stay Active

pawaboo pet carrier backpack

Dogs love to spend time outdoors with those they love!

©ORION PRODUCTION/Shutterstock.com

Adopting a dog gives you the opportunity to get up and moving. Walking your dog each day is a wonderful way to get in some extra exercise. Not only is this an opportunity to stay active with your new canine companion, but you can also take them on other forms of outdoor adventures. Dogs love to go to the park, on hikes, to the beach, and any other outdoor activities with their loved ones.

6. Adopting a Dog Can Save You Money

Professional veterinarian examining dog's eyes in clinic

Most shelter dogs will be up to date on vaccines and sterilized.

©New Africa/Shutterstock.com

Adopting a dog can be much cheaper than buying a dog. While there will often be an adoption fee with each pup, most shelters and rescues will only adopt out dogs that have been fully vetted. This typically means that your dog will be up to date on vaccines, spayed or neutered, and will have a recent wellness exam performed by a vet. The vet care alone can save you hundreds of dollars, if not more.

7. Encourage Friends and Family to Adopt

Dog Park Series - Family with Dog

Adopting a dog may encourage your friends and family to do so as well!


Adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue may encourage those around you to do so as well! There are a common myths and misconceptions around shelter dogs, so by seeing how wonderful your adopted dog is, this may encourage those around you to adopt a pup of their own. You can be the trend setter of canine adoptions in your city!

8. Fighting Unethical Breeding

Young woman being licked on the face by her dog

Dogs lick people for a wide variety of reason, one of which is because they love you!


Unethical breeding is a common animal welfare issue around the world. While there are dog breeders that ethically breed puppies to ensure the health and happiness of their animals, others are simply in it for the profit. When you adopt a shelter or rescue dog, you are showing the world breeding is not the only way to get a loving canine companion. The more people that are interested in adopting dogs, the less profitable the breeding industry will become.

9. Rescue Dogs are the Best Furry Friends Around

Costco Pet Insurance

If you are looking for a best friend, then look no further than a dog!

©iStock.com/Arturo Rosenow

As we discussed above, an adopted dog can offer you the unconditional love you’ve always wanted. Dogs simply love spending time with their families, and they will always be happy as long as they are with us. Whether you are curled up on the couch or going on a hike, a dog will be happy to simply be at your side. If you are looking for a best friend, then look no further than a dog!

10. Make New Friends

Dog licking popsicle

There are many dog-friendly events across the country!

©iStock.com/Jennifer Roberts

Having a dog can introduce you to people you may not have met otherwise. You may meet new friends at the dog park, at dog friendly events, and even on a restaurant patio that allows furry friends. Meeting like-minded dog lovers is a wonderful perk of pet ownership!

11. Unconditional Support

Spanish Water Dog Offers Paw

As companion pets, Spanish water dogs are affectionate, trainable, and low maintenance.


Dogs are a wonderful support system when you are feeling low. Sometimes getting out into the world is difficult when you are not feeling like yourself. If you have a dog, then you can find that incredible companionship from the comfort of your home. No matter how low you may feel, your dog will be at your side each step of the journey. You will never have to face the world alone when you have a dog as a pet!

12. Great for Children

Best Animals For Kids

Dog ownership can teach children about responsibility and encourage them to be active.


Adopting a dog can be a wonderful decision for families with growing children. Growing up with a dog teaches so many invaluable lessons that children couldn’t gain otherwise. Living with a dog can teach children responsibility, introduce them to unconditional love, and it can provide undying companionship in a world that can be challenging at times. It is also wonderful for children to see their family adopting dogs, and it may encourage them to do so when they reach adulthood.

Life Will Never Be Boring!

At Home: Happy Couple Play with Their Dog, Gorgeous Brown Labrador Retriever. Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tease, Pet and Scratch Super Happy Doggy, Have Fun in the Stylish Living Room

Dogs will bring so much love and joy to your life!


Life will never be boring if you adopt a dog! Change can be hard in many ways, but the changes that dog ownership brings are often filled with joy and love. Dogs have a way of keeping life exciting and unpredictable, and your life will never be the same again!

Final Thoughts

Are you unsure about welcoming a dog into your family? Review the 13 reasons why you should adopt a dog above, and you will be running to your nearest animal rescue in no time!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © iStock.com/Photoboyko

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