200+ Cool-Sounding Hawaiian Cat Names and Their Meanings

Written by Kellianne Matthews
Published: November 30, 2023
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The Hawaiian Islands truly embody a tropical paradise, brimming with rich culture and stunning natural beauty. While you might not get to spend each day basking on the islands’ sun-kissed shores, why not consider a beautiful and unique Hawaiian name for your feline companion? That way, you can enjoy a little taste of paradise within the comfort of your own home. Let’s look at 200+ cool-sounding Hawaiian cat names and their meanings!

How to Pronounce Hawaiian Cat Names

A treasure trove of cultural heritage, identity, and history, the Hawaiian language — ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i — provides a plethora of cool-sounding names for your cat. The Hawaiian alphabet is made up of just 13 letters, including eight consonants and five vowels. It also has two additional unique features: the Okina and the kahakō. The Okina, or glottal stop, is treated like an apostrophe. The kahakō looks like a straight line over a vowel and signals that the vowel is pronounced with a longer sound. 

A“Ah” like in “father”
E“Eh” like in “bet”
I“Ee” like in “see”
O“Oh” like in “cone”
U“Oo” like in “boot”
W“V” like in “van”
Glottal stop, similar to the break in “uh-oh”
ā, ē, ī, ō, ūMacron (long vowel) āe

Cool-Sounding Hawaiian Cat Names Inspired by the Animal Kingdom

two cute furry friends striped cat and cheerful dog are walking in a sunny spring meadow

Each cat has their own unique personality, and some act more like dogs than felines!

©Nataba/iStock via Getty Images

  1. ‘Īlio: This Hawaiian name is a fun twist for a cat with a loyal personality — it actually means “dog”! 
  2. Pōpoki: If you’re looking for a clever name for your cat, why not consider the Hawaiian word for “cat”?
  3. Hipa: This playful name means “sheep” in Hawaiian.
  4. Honu: If your cat enjoys basking in the sun or curling up and cozy corners, then the Hawaiian name for “turtle” is a fun choice.
  5. Naiʻa: Meaning “dolphin”, this cute name captures your cat’s lively and playful nature. 
  6. Moa: This quirky name means “chicken”.
  7. Manu: Meaning “bird”, Manu is a good fit for an elegant and graceful cat.
  8. Pelehū: If you have a cat that is always making you smile, then this light-hearted name, which means “turkey”, would be a fun choice.
  9. Kakā: This fun name means “duck” in Hawaiian.
  10. Kao: Meaning “goat”, Kao is a cute name for a cute kitty.
  11. Keko: For a cheeky cat, this name means “monkey”.
  12. ​​Lāpaki: This cute name means “rabbit”. 
  13. Poloka: This is a playful and unique name that means “frog”.
  14. Koholā: This name, meaning “whale”, is a lovely choice for a cat with a commanding presence and gentle nature.
  15. Lio: Meaning “horse”, Lio is a strong name for a bold and regal cat.
  16. Meli: This sweet name means “honey bee”. 
  17. Nēnē: The official state bird of Hawaii is the Hawaiian goose or Nēnē.
  18. Pea: This cute name means “bear”.
  19. Pipi: Pipi is a whimsical name that means “cow”.
  20. Wana: Pronounced “vah-na”, this name means “sea urchin”.
  21. ‘Elepaio: The ‘Elepaio is a beautiful songbird endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. 
  22. Pololia: This name, meaning “jellyfish”, would be fitting for an elegant and mysterious cat.
  23. Mano: This awesome name means “shark”.

Hawaiian Cat Names Inspired by Nature

Norwegian Forest Cat laying outside in some flowers

It is easy to confuse a Norwegian forest cat with a

Maine coon


©Elisa Putti/Shutterstock.com

  1. Alaula: This name means “light of dawn”.
  2. Hau: Perfect for a cat that is as soft as a snowflake, Hau means “snow”.
  3. Haunani: If you have a white or fluffy feline companion, Haunani is a fun name that means “beautiful snow”.
  4. Hōkū: This is a stellar name for your cat that means “star”.
  5. Hōkūlani: Combining the words for “heavenly” and “star,” Hōkūlani is an enchanting name for a cat.
  6. Kāhili: A musical name, Kāhili refers to the feathered standards of Hawaiian chiefs and nobility. 
  7. Noe: Noe means “misty rain” or “mist of heaven” and is perfect for a gentle and calm cat who brings a soothing presence to your home.
  8. Kaloni: This captivating name means “the heavens” or “the sky”.
  9. ​​lani: With a name meaning “heaven” or “sky”, your feline companion will captivate anyone in their presence.
  10. Iolana: A perfect name for a fearless and adventurous cat, Iolana means “to soar”.
  11. Keahi: Translating to “the fire”, Keahi is the perfect name for a fierce and fiery kitty. 
  12. Keanu: Popularized by the iconic actor Keanu Reeves, this name means “cool mountain breeze”.
  13. Loni: Sweet and simple, Loni means “sky”. 
  14. Makani: Swift and playful, this name means “the wind”. 
  15. Mahina: Meaning “moon”, this name is fitting for a graceful and mysterious cat.
  16. Puhi: This cute name means “smoke” and would suit a beautiful and enigmatic feline.
  17. Welehu: This charming name means “foggy” or “misty”.
  18. Noelani: Like a “heavenly mist”, Noelani is an apt name for a graceful yet playful kitty.

Cool-Sounding Hawaiian Cat Names Inspired by the Ocean

Cute cat on the Black Sea in Odessa in the spring

Some cats actually love lounging by the water and even going swimming!

©Anna Vangorodska/Shutterstock.com

  1. Kai: One of the most popular Hawaiian names, Kai means “sea”. 
  2. Kaia: A variation on the name Kai, Kaia also means “sea”. 
  3. Wai: If you have an adventurous cat who loves to play in the water, then this name is a great choice, as it means “water”. 
  4. Waiola: Meaning “water of life”, this name captures the joy and happiness that our feline companions provide us. 
  5. Momi: This adorable name means “pearl”.
  6. Kaikala: Combining “sea” and “sun”, this name is well-suited for a kitty who loves basking in the warm sunshine. 
  7. Kailani: Kailani is a beautiful name that symbolizes harmony between “sea” and “sky”.
  8. Kaimana: Combining “sea” and “power”, this beautiful name represents the strength and force of the ocean.
  9. Moana: Like the beloved Disney film, the name Moana means “ocean”. 
  10. Nalu: Meaning “wave”, Nalu is a beautiful name for a graceful and agile cat.
  11. Kalani: Regal yet delicate, this name means “the heavens”. 
  12. Lanikai: Like the peaceful bliss that your cat brings to your life, this name means “heavenly sea”.
  13. Kawaii: Meaning “coming from the water” this adorable name is perfect for a playful kitty.
  14. Kahlani: Combining both the “sea” and the “sky”, Kahlani is a harmonious name for a beautiful kitty. 
  15. Makai: With the meaning of “toward the sea”, this name encapsulates your cat’s adventurous spirit and endless curiosity. 

Flowery Hawaiian Cat Names

A cute white little Snow Bengal kitten outdoors surrounded by purple flowers, oregano herb.

When choosing a name for your cat, you could consider their personality, appearance, or breed.

©Angela Kotsell/Shutterstock.com

  1. Pua: This cute name means “flower”. 
  2. Alani: Vibrant and fun, Alani means “orange tree”.
  3. Pualani: This elegant name means “beautiful flower”. 
  4. Puamana: Reflecting a beautiful and wild nature, this name means “flower of the sea”. 
  5. Leimomi: Classy and cute, this name means “pearl necklace” or “pearl child”.
  6. Liko: This cute name means “bud” or “sprout” and would be a great choice for a lively kitten. 
  7. Loke: Elegant and romantic, this name means “rose”.
  8. Lokelani: Meaning “heavenly rose”, this enchanting name is fitting for an elegant and graceful kitty. 
  9. Kiele: This cute name means “gardenia” or “fragrant blossom”.
  10. Kalei: Vibrant and colorful, this name means “the flowers”.
  11. Kapua: This adorable name means “child” or “flower”. 
  12. Maile: A symbol of Hawaiian culture, Maile is a type of vine often used in flower leis.
  13. Laylani: With a name that means “heavenly flower”, your cat will have no problem captivating anyone who meets them.
  14. Makala: Meaning “myrtle”, this name evokes the sweet scents of a flower garden. 
  15. Nanala: Reminding you of the bright and cheerful spirit of your cat, this vibrant name means “sunflower”. 
  16. Lilia: This sweet Hawaiian cat name means “lily”. 

Cool-Sounding Cat Names Inspired by Hawaiian Culture

cat in a Hawaiian shirt

The “Spirit of Aloha” infuses the


culture with an interconnected essence of life.


  1. Holokai: Meaning “seafarer”, this name is well suited for an adventurous feline.
  2. Hula: Like the traditional Hawaiian “hula” dance, this name is fitting for a graceful kitty. 
  3. Iniki: The name of a famous Hawaiian hurricane, Iniki is a great choice for a wild or energetic kitty.
  4. Mele: If your cat is especially vocal, this name is perfect because it means “chant” or “song”. 
  5. Pukini: Many royal leaders in Hawaii employed these messengers, known for their speed and running abilities. 
  6. Kapu: Kapu represents the sacred principles and guidelines that governed ancient Hawaiian society.
  7. Keone: Your feline companion holds a special place in your heart, just like the Keone or “the homeland”.
  8. Kona: This name comes from the famous Hawaiian coffee. 
  9. Poi: This cute name is inspired by a traditional Hawaiian dish. 
  10. Coco or Coconut: This playful name is inspired by the many coconut trees found throughout the Hawaiian Islands.
  11. Ahi or ʻAhi: Ahi means fire, lightning, and match, while ʻAhi refers to the Hawaiian tuna fish.
  12. Taro or Karo: In the Hawaiian language, Taro is referred to as Karo and is a staple of the native diet.
  13. Poke: This cute name comes from a popular Hawaiian dish. 

Cool-Sounding Hawaiian Cat Names Translated from English 

Scottish shorthair cat sitting down

You could look at English names and then choose the Hawaiian equivalent as a name for your cat.

©Thomas Leirikh/Shutterstock.com

  1. Anakoni: Anthony
  2. Kakalina: Katherine
  3. Keke: Kate
  4. Kala: Sara
  5. Kalaki: Charlotte
  6. Kana: Hannah
  7. Kale: Charles
  8. Kilikina: Christina
  9. Kona: Don or Donna
  10. Kimo: James or Jim
  11. Keoki: George
  12. Keoni: John
  13. Kiana: Diana
  14. Lakopa: Jacob
  15. Lekika: Jessica
  16. Lokua: Joshua
  17. Maleko: Mark
  18. Malia: Mary
  19. Melika: Melissa
  20. Wikolia: Victoria
  21. Polola: Flora
  22. Pela: Bella or Belle
  23. Peni: Ben
  24. Pika: Peter
  25. Walina: Evelyn
  26. Aka: Arthur
  27. Akamu: Adam
  28. Ewa: Eva

Cool-Sounding Cat Names Inspired by Hawaiian Mythology

A beautiful outdoor cat relaxes under a palm tree by the ocean in Honolulu, Hawaii, at the Ala Moana Harbor, downtown.

A very special cat sanctuary on Lanai is one of the most popular destinations in Hawaii.

©Page Light Studios/Shutterstock.com

  1. Kāne: Kāne is the Hawaiian creator god.
  2. Kanaloa: Symbolized by a squid or octopus, the Hawaiian god Kanaloa is the master of oceans and darkness. 
  3. Kanehekili: The brother of Pele, Kanehekili is the Hawaiian god of thunder.
  4. Ku: Ku is one of the four great Hawaiian gods. He is the god of farming, fishing, politics, and war. 
  5. Haumea: Known as the “Mother of Hawaii”, Haumea created the wildlife of the Hawaiian Islands. 
  6. Kamohoaliʻi: This shape-shifting god typically prefers spending time as a shark. 
  7. Hina: One of the most widely recognized goddesses across Polynesia, Hina is commonly associated with the moon. 
  8. Laka: The Hawaiian goddess of love, beauty, dance, and fertility, Laka’s name means “gentle” and “to attract”. 
  9. Lono: Lono is the Hawaiian god of fertility, agriculture, rainfall, and music.
  10. Māui: Māui, an ancient Hawaiian chief, crafted the Hawaiian Islands, taught humans how to use fire, and tamed the sun and sky. Additionally, Māui is the name of Hawaii’s second-largest island.
  11. Pakaʻa: A great name for a playful cat, Pakaʻa is the Hawaiian god of the wind.
  12. Pele: Fiery and powerful, Pele is the goddess of volcanoes and fire. 
  13. Lilinoe: The Hawaiian goddess of the mist, Lilinoe is an ethereal name for a beautiful and elusive kitty. 
  14. Poki: This cute name comes from a supernatural dog in Hawaiian myth. 

Strong Hawaiian Cat Names

Maine Coon Cat

Male “torties” or male cats with tortoiseshell-colored fur are extremely rare.


  1. Kalama: This beautiful name means “flaming torch”.
  2. Pali: Both strong and beautiful, this name means “cliff” and “handsome”.
  3. Iolani: A unique name that means “royal hawk”, Iolani is a great choice for a regal or powerful cat. 
  4. Keilani: A perfect fit for a regal feline, this name means “sky, heaven” and “royal, glorious”.
  5. Kaikoa: Meaning “sea warrior”, Kaikoa is a great name for an adventurous cat. 
  6. Kahuna: Kahuna refers to an expert or a wise person.  
  7. Kaleo: For a cat who loves to talk, this fun name means “voice” or “sound”.
  8. Amoka: This cool-sounding name means “strong”.
  9. Haku: A perfect fit for a cat that rules your home, this name means “chief” or “ruler”.
  10. Ikaika: This beautiful name means “power” or “strength”.
  11. Ailani: Meaning “big chief”, this name would be a great choice for a cat with a commanding presence.
  12. Kealii: This adorable name means “chief”.
  13. Nui: This name is perfect for a particularly impressive feline, as it means “large” or “great”.
  14. Keahi: Perfect for a fiery and energetic kitty, Keahi means “fire” or “flames”.
  15. Kekoa: Meaning “the warrior”, this name recognizes your cat’s fearless nature and indomitable spirit.
  16. Koa: Like the mighty Koa tree, this name means “warrior”
  17. Nalani: This beautiful name means “calm skies”.
  18. Makoa: Meaning “courageous” and “fearless”, this name is fitting for a cat with a bold personality. 
  19. Kekipi: Perfect for a mischievous kitty, this name means “the rebel”.
  20. Etana: This lovely name means “strong”. 

Cute Hawaiian Cat Names 

A small black kitten Ural Rex is sitting on the bed.

Many “hairless” cat breeds actually do have a thin fuzz covering their skin.

©Akifyeva S/Shutterstock.com

  1. Pipiki: This adorable name is so much fun to say and means “kitten” in Hawaiian. 
  2. Inoki: This cute name means “devoted”. 
  3. Anela: This sweet name means “angel”.
  4. Kamea: This endearing name means “precious”, “beloved”, or “sweet darling”.
  5. Lilo: Just like the lovable character from Lilo and Stitch, this name means “the generous one”.
  6. Ani: Short and sweet, this name means “beautiful”.
  7. Kapono: Meaning “good”, Kapono is a fun name that reflects the good your cat brings to your life. 
  8. Malu: This name is perfect for a comforting kitty, as it means “protection” or “peace”.
  9. Keola: Meaning “the life”, this name represents the vibrant and lively essence of your cat. 
  10. Kahale: Symbolizing warmth and comfort, this name means “the home”. 
  11. Alohi: Meaning “shining”, this name is perfect for a cat who brings joy and sunshine into your life. 
  12. Malani: Meaning “happy”, this name is perfect for a kitty who is your source of joy. 
  13. Makaio: This name reminds you that your cat is a gift, as it means “gift of God”.
  14. Asera: If your cat is your lucky charm, this name means “lucky one”.
  15. Aka: If your cat follows you around like a little shadow, then “Aka” is a fitting name. 

Beautiful Hawaiian Cat Names

Domestic Cat, Autumn, Birman, Nature, Winter

Birman cats are known for their beautiful blue eyes.

©Liudmila Chernetska/Shutterstock.com

  1. Olina: This beautiful name means “joy”.
  2. Alamea: This name means “precious”.
  3. Aolani: Meaning “heavenly light”, this name honors the joy that your cat brings to your home. 
  4. Kahiau: This name reflects a Hawaiian concept that means to give without expecting anything in return.
  5. Haliʻa: This sweet name means “remembrance of a loved one”.
  6. Hānai: This name is inspired by the Hawaiian term for informal adoption and means “to nurture” and “to support”.
  7. Kalena: Meaning “pure”, Kalena is a beautiful name for a sweet kitty.
  8. Kanani: This melodious name means “beautiful”.
  9. Kealoha: What better way to honor your cat than with a name that literally means “love”?
  10. Kuʻuipo: This charming name means “my sweetheart”.
  11. Leilani: This beautiful name means “heavenly flowers” or “heavenly child”.
  12. Kamalani: Meaning “heavenly or royal child”, this name recognizes that your cat is truly one-of-a-kind. 
  13. Nani: Meaning “beautiful”, this cute name showcases your cat’s lovely nature, inside and out!
  14. Okalani: Perfect for an angelic cat that brings comfort into your life, this name means “of the heavens”.
  15. Nohea: This name means “handsome” or “lovely”.
  16. Ululani: This beautiful name means  “heavenly inspiration”. 
  17. Wahine: Meaning “woman” or “female”, this name celebrates the fierce and independent spirit of female felines.
  18. Kaena: This unique name means “praised”.

Fun and Unique Hawaiian Cat Names

Cute blue russian cat running in nature

When considering a name for your cat, be sure to choose one that you can pronounce.


  1. Hiapo: This is a great choice for your first cat, as it means “firstborn son”.
  2. ʻĀkala: This cute name means “pink”.
  3. Kaipo: Perfect for an affectionate cat, this name means “darling” or “sweetheart”.
  4. Kalea: For a happy kitty, this name means “joy” and “happiness”.
  5. Kanoa: For an adventurous and independent cat, this name means “free one”.
  6. Kiko: This adorable name means “spotted” and would be perfect for a calico kitty. 
  7. Kikokiko: Embrace your cat’s uniqueness with this fun name, which means “dappled” or “spotted”.
  8. Lele: This name means “jump”, “leap”, or “bounce”.
  9. Luana: This beautiful name means “happiness”.
  10. Maka: Your cat’s captivating eyes deserve an equally enchanting name like Maka, which means “eyes”.
  11. Miki: Celebrate your kitty’s lively nature with the name Miki, which means “nimble” and “quick”.
  12. Polo: This adorable name means “plump”.
  13. Olelo: For a vocally expressive cat, the name Olelo — meaning “speech” or “language” — is a great choice.
  14. Kapena: This regal name means “captain”.
  15. Kolohe: This cute name means “trickster” or “rascal” and is perfect for a mischievous kitty. 
  16. Lolo: This fun name means “brain” and represents the cleverness and curiosity of our feline companions.  
  17. Poni: Short and sweet, this cute name means “purple”.
  18. Uli or Uliuli: This fun name means “blue” or “deep blue”. 
  19. Weuweu: Meaning “fluffy”, this fun name is as delightful as it sounds. 
  20. Lava: We know you “lava” your cat, and this name honors the bond the two of you share, as well as the volcanic origins of the Hawaiian Islands. 
  21. Humuhumunukunukuapuaʻa: The official state fish of Hawaii, this name is quite the mouthful, but you could always shorten it to “humuhumu” as a nickname. 
  22. Ono: This fun name means “pleasing”, “enjoyable”, or “delicious”.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Anna Vangorodska/Shutterstock.com

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