Cyber Attack Has Hit Kitty Litter Supplies; Here Is What You Can Do Now

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Written by Mary Bernard

Updated: October 17, 2023

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If your feline family members are like most cats, they are probably picky about where they like to do their business. Getting your cat accustomed to “their” brand of litter in their box in just the right corner of the house can sometimes be no small feat.

That’s why cat owners are so brand loyal when it comes to litter. If you’ve found the brand that your kitty likes, you’ll stick with it, no matter what.

So, when your favorite brand suddenly disappears from store shelves, panic ensues.

nationwide kitty litter shortage

Cat owners are unable to find their favorite kitty litter brands due to a cyberattack on Clorox, one of the nation’s largest litter manufacturers.

Clorox Halts Production, Creating Nationwide Kitty Litter Shortage

The Clorox Company’s recent halt of kitty litter production has sent cat owners scrambling to find alternative solutions. Due to a cybersecurity attack last month, the corporation shut down segments of its production lines, including its year-old litter manufacturing plant in West Virginia. Clorox makes popular litter brands like Fresh Step, Scoop Away, and Ever Clean.

The result? A nationwide kitty litter shortage.

Clorox is working with the FBI to determine the cause of the attack. Some operations are beginning to resume, but progress is slow. Systems that are typically automated are now being executed manually. The company is uncertain about how long it will take until they are back up to pre-attack productivity.

Best cat litter

Clorox kitty litter brands are experiencing a nationwide shortage thanks to a recent cyber attack.

What to Do If You Can’t Find Your Favorite Kitty Litter

If the cyberattack on Clorox has made your favorite litter unavailable, take these steps to help your cat use one of the available litter brands.

  • Even if you have plenty of your favorite brand on hand, go ahead and purchase a different brand now that you’d like to introduce to your cat. The best way to help your cat learn to like the new litter is to offer a mix of the old and new. Gradually, reduce the old and add more of the new. It’s uncertain how long this shortage will last. Therefore, it’s best to help your cat transition to a new brand now.
  • You may want to fill most of the litter box with the new brand but top it off with the original brand. This way, your cat will have the familiarity of the old litter as they step on it but will get used to the new litter as they dig.
  • Make sure the new brand of litter is the same type as the original brand (for example, if your cat prefers clumping litter, use a new brand that is also clumping).
  • Another idea is to set up several litter boxes with different kinds of litter in each. Allow your cat to pick and choose which litter they prefer.
Cyber attack kitty litter - nationwide shortage

Help your cat learn to like a new brand of kitty litter by introducing it gradually.

What If My Kitty Won’t Use New Litter?

Call your vet if all your best efforts have failed to transition your cat to a new brand of litter. A cat professional will be able to rule out any underlying condition that may be affecting your kitty’s behavior, and they should be able to support you further to help your cat learn to use a new litter brand.

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