Discover the Lucky and Unlucky Colors for Leo

Written by Asia Mayfield
Published: December 7, 2023
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It’s easy to spot the Leos in the room — look for the biggest smiles! Radiant Leos are the zodiac’s cheerleaders. If you’re a Leo, your sunshiney nature responds to colors that amplify and reflect your glow. 

If you want to learn lucky and unlucky colors for the Leo sign, this guide is for you. We’ll examine the hues that can affect a Leo’s life and explore how to attract more positive energy. 

Ready? Let’s enter the colorful realm of Leo astrology. 

Leo Traits and Characteristics

Born between July 23 and August 22, Leos are a summer sun sign. They’re charismatic, brave, and full of confidence. Leos makes fantastic leaders because they combine social warmth with rock-solid strength. 

Lucky Leo Colors

Leos gain power surrounded by colors pulled from royalty or the sun. Think majestic purple and burnt orange or gold. Here’s a detailed list of lucky colors for Leos.


Canvas textured purple background.

Purple is the color of royalty and Leos.

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Leos who want to thrive should drape themselves in purple. The regal color is auspicious for Leos because it connects to their innate magnetism. Purple shades let Leos increase sensitivity, intuitiveness, and allure.


Nature background. Dramatic clouds on the sky in red colors

Leos draw attention and luck when they wear red.

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It’s no surprise that Leos become enthralling in red. The color represents passion and fiery determination. A burning red dress or crisp tie gives Leos an appeal that’s palpable at home and at work. Red clothing or red-tinged surroundings fuel their energy. 


Summer background with a magnificent sun burst with lens flare. Hot with space for your message. Vector available in my port.

Optimistic Leos gravitate toward bright yellow.


Yellow is a happy-go-lucky color reminiscent of sweet summer rays. For Leos, the color brings luck and fun. Parents who care about astrology might want to put their baby Leos in sunny yellow nurseries. 


Orange Cloth Background, Fabric Texture Gold Color Pattern Silk Gradien Luxury Backdrop, Light Yellow Textile Banner Material Satin Summer Tropical Wave Display Fashion Abstract Design Poster Template

Many Leos feel comfortable in orange.


Burnt orange is for Leos who need to channel their luck and exuberance into business or creative endeavors. It’s a shade associated with hazy twilights rather than blazing hot days, and that mellowness helps Leos refine their focus. 


Gold texture wall

Artists often depict Leos in gold colors.


Gold might be the luckiest color for Leos. A golden hue evokes thoughts of wealth, grandeur, and prestige, symbolizing Leo’s ambition. Gold is also linked to the sun and its bright, cheering power. Something as simple as a glimpse of golden curtains fluttering in the breeze or golden accents gleaming on the walls can transport Leos to a happier, luckier plane.  

Unlucky Leo Colors 

While certain colors help Leos succeed, others can disrupt their flow. The unluckiest colors for Leos are pale, pretty shades and colors that have to do with the sea. Blues, greens, pastels, etc, clash with Leo dominance. 


Neon smoke. Colorful abstract background. Paint in water splash. Spiritual aura. Glowing bright magenta pink purple steam blend on dark.

Soft pink is too delicate to strongly influence Leos.


Red is a wonderful partner for Leos, but pink is too light. Pink enhances subtle, delicate charms. It’s a hue for tender romance and light adventure rather than the boldness that resides within lion-like Leos. 


Marble texture background pattern with high resolution, onyx marbel, close up polished surface of natural stone, luxurious abstract wallpaper, Polished Beige Wooden Marble Slab for Wall decoration.

Leos crave the excitement that beige hues lack.

©Michael Benjamin/

For some, beige means respectability, class, and competence. Leos, however, should stay away from this responsible color. Leos do well with beauty that leaps to the eye and excites. Appreciating beige takes a slower, more careful nature. 

Too much beige may bring bad luck into Leos’ lives because it’s not inspiring, leading to missed opportunities. 


Blurred transparent blue colored clear calm water surface texture with splashes and bubbles. Trendy abstract nature background. Water waves in sunlight.

Light blue is an incredibly pretty shade, but Leos flourish around deeper colors.


Light, icy blue is too cold for gregarious Leos. The poetic shade suits dreamy strolls through town and peaceful nights alone. Leos do best surrounded by happy, chatty friends. It’s often a sign of loneliness when Leos escape from the world, and blue tones match this quiet despair. 

Pale Green

Empty Plain soft pale green color gradation on recyclable paper texture minimalism peaceful background concept

Green isn’t a lucky color for Leos.


Green, especially pale green, exerts a dampening effect on self-assured Leos. It’s not the right color to accompany them on their mission to the top. They need vigorous and glorious colors that inspire daring. 

How to Get Lucky Using Leo Colors 

Luck marries chance with intention. Incorporating lucky Leo colors into your life can have exhilarating effects. 


Perhaps the easiest way to deliberately add color is to inject it into your wardrobe. Pick out a jacket in deep gold or wear cherry red rocks. Small pops of color in your visual field can influence your subconscious.


Your home is where you express yourself the most. Decorate it with colors that make your heart sing. Leos gravitate toward warm and eye-catching colors that work wonderfully within a home. 

For example, you could sleep on plush purple bedding for more profound dreams.


Men and women beautify persons their persons with makeup. When Leos use their lucky color palette for inspiration, the results are often mesmerizing. 


Leo colors appear everywhere. To harness your luck, appreciate lucky colors whenever you see them. A dancing shaft of yellow sunlight might induce a smile that leads to happier encounters at work. An orange grove brings a lucky color and amazing smells. 

How to Avoid Leo Bad Luck 

Unlucky Leo colors like pink can’t be avoided entirely. Focus on what you can control, like the clothes you wear. The fact that your best friend is wearing pale blue doesn’t interfere with the luck you’re trying to cultivate. 

Summary of Lucky and Unlucky Colors for Leo

Leo ColorLucky/Unlucky
Pale GreenUnlucky

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