Dog Teeth Cleaning Prices in 2024: Typical Cost and Recommended Frequency

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Written by Angie Menjivar

Published: March 5, 2024

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There are some conditions that make it obvious that your pup is in need of a dental cleaning. These could include excessive drooling, yellow and brown build-up on the teeth, inflamed gums, and awful breath. But you shouldn’t wait until these conditions worsen enough to become obvious. Staying on top of your dog’s dental health is part of your responsibility as a pet owner and preventive care can save your puppers a lot of discomfort (and you a lot of money) down the line. Learn about dog teeth cleaning prices in 2024, including the typical cost and the recommended frequency. Plus, learn what you can do at home to support your doggo’s oral health!

Dog Teeth Cleaning: Typical Cost

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A-Z-Animals spoke with the receptionist at All Creatures Care Cottage, a veterinary practice located in Newport Beach, CA. She provided a ballpark estimate of dog teeth cleaning services, explaining that the base price for dental cleaning at their location is $585, which they consider a “level two – moderate” cleaning. The cost she quoted does not cover extractions, which can range between $60 and $230 per tooth. She also clarified that any prescribed medication would be an additional cost as well. 

It’s important to remember that prices vary depending on your location. In some cases, another veterinary practice in another city can offer a lower cost of services. If you are trying to save as much as possible, be sure to call multiple locations in your area to get an idea of which veterinary practice offers the lowest cost for dog teeth cleaning. Be prepared to pay for any necessary extractions as well, which a vet can only determine once they’re working on your pup.

Starting at around age two, your pup should have their first professional dental cleaning. Then, they should get a professional cleaning every year after that. These are general recommendations. The exact timing depends on your dog’s breed and any underlying conditions. Work with your veterinarian to develop a schedule customized specifically for your dog.

At-Home Dental Care Tips for Dog Owners

You can always rely on your vet to help when it comes to keeping your canine’s teeth clean. But you shouldn’t make vet visits your end-all, be-all when it comes to your pup’s dental care. There are several actions you can take at home to keep those cute, often-crooked chompers clean and once they become a part of your routine, you set your pup up for good dental health throughout their lifetime.

Make Teeth Brushing a Part of Your Routine

Just like you, dogs need their teeth brushed daily.


Vets recommend you brush your pup’s teeth twice per day. However, this isn’t a realistic schedule for all dog owners. The absolute minimum number of times to brush your dog’s teeth is three times per week. When your dog gets accustomed to a routine, it’s much easier to remove plaque and tartar for you and the whole process becomes a bonding experience. Be sure to use a vet-recommended toothbrush and canine toothpaste (these often have alluring flavors like beef or peanut butter).

Infuse Meals/Water With Dental Powder/Additives

Dental powder makes it easy for you to support your pup’s dental health because you just add it as a topper on your dog’s food. There are also dental additives you can purchase that you add to your dog’s water bowl. These are two different types of products. One is meant for adding to your dog’s food and the other is for adding to their water.

Offer Dental Treats

Another fun and easy way to help your pup maintain good oral health is with dental treats. Not just any dental treats are suitable though. Look for the Veterinary Oral Health Council’s Seal of Acceptance on the package. With this seal, you can rest easy knowing that the product was specifically formulated to control tartar buildup. The treats are another no-fuss way to help your do. They’re tasty for them and they’re none the wiser they’re enjoying a specially designed treat.

Stay on Top of Dental Cleanings

You can be proactive with your dog’s dental health but a professional dental cleaning is still necessary to keep your dog from developing any oral conditions. Without annual dental cleanings, your dog is at risk for developing a range of issues from gingivitis and periodontal disease to tooth decay (and even the loss of teeth).

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