5 Easy Ways to Get Poop Out of Pet Fur

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Written by Kirstin Harrington

Published: January 19, 2024

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No matter what type of pet you have, if it has fur or hair, feces is likely to get stuck in it at one point or another. While social media may show the highlights of being a pet parent, sometimes you spend your afternoon getting poop out of your furry friend’s coat. To make this less-than-pleasant task as easy as possible, take a look at these handy ways to check this chore off your list!

1. Spot Treatment for Small Messes

A dog plays in the sprinkler.

Be sure the hose water isn’t too cold for your pet!

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If you can, bring your pet outdoors so you can brush off as much of the poop as possible. No matter if it is dry or not, please use gloves, as animal feces can be dangerous to humans. Because grooming in any facet can often scare a cat or dog, make sure they are as comfortable as possible. 

You may want to bring treats or give them a lot of praise during the process. You’ll need a warm bucket of water with a bit of dog shampoo and a clean towel. Soak the towel in the soapy water and wipe your pet down to remove any poop from their fur. 

After their fur is clean, do one final rinse with clean water and blot the area dry with a warm towel. 

2. Give Your Pet a Bath

The process of washing the cat in the bathroom. Wet, scared and unhappy cat, a human hand, a lot of suds

Bathing a cat is easier with two people. One person can hold the cat, while the other cleans him.

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If you have a cat covered in poop and it’s time for a bath, please wear long sleeves and gloves. Most people know how much cats hate water, and they will scratch and flail to get out of bathtime no matter how much they love you. 

You can do this indoors in a bathroom or outside with a hose. A bath is best when your pet has feces stuck all over their fur. Use warm water and completely drench your pet’s fur first. Make sure you keep water away from their ears, nose, and mouth. 

Massage the area that has the mess to help any poop get free from the fur. Warm water will make it lift easier and can help keep your pet comfortable. Make sure to rinse your cat or dog once all of the poop is off the hair.

For small pets such as rabbits or guinea pigs, you can do this in your bathroom sink. You’ll need to use warm water to soak the area. Use your fingers or a gentle brush to work out the feces.

3. Bring Them to the Groomer

Shih tzu getting groomed

Most groomers charge a clean-up fee to remove feces from fur.

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It’s understandable that some pet parents don’t want to handle all of the grooming requirements that come with owning a pet. If you’re hesitant to try to remove the poop from your animal’s fur, bring them to the groomer and leave it to the professionals. 

This may cost you more than doing it yourself, but it may be worth it to have someone else do the dirty job for you. 

4. Use Waterless Shampoo

Funny cute tortoiseshell guinea pig sitting on the sawdust

You should only give a

guinea pig

a bath if it’s dirty.

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If you have a pet that is sensitive to water or simply doesn’t like being bathed, consider using waterless shampoo. This product usually comes in a concentrated form that you simply spray on the affected area. 

A waterless shampoo is a great option if the poop has already hardened and dried on your pet. This may take a bit more time as you slowly need to work the area clean using a washcloth. 

5. Time for a Haircut! 

A female groomer combing a Samoyed dog with comb. Big dog in grooming salon.

Trimming the hair around their private parts is a great way to prevent poop from sticking to the hair.

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It is incredibly common for an animal to get poop caught in the hair around their rear end. While some pets, such as cats, are experts at grooming themselves, if the hair is too long, there is nothing they can do about it. 

Make sure the area stays trimmed to keep your animal hygienic and make it easier for them to clean themselves. You can also use clippers or scissors for patches of feces that won’t come off using the other methods listed above. 

Preventing Poop Getting Stuck on Your Pet

crystal cat litter

Some cat litter boxes are self-cleaning, saving you from doing one of the least-liked pet chores.


Now that you know having hair that’s too long is a common reason behind poop getting stuck in the fur, there are other things to consider as well. If you can help it, control where your pet goes to the bathroom. For cats, keeping a clean litter box is essential. 

Dogs often will roll around in the grass, unknowingly covering themselves in feces. If you can, train your dog to go to the bathroom in a specific area outdoors.

It’s also essential to make sure your pet isn’t experiencing diarrhea. This can easily cause your furry friend to get covered in a mess. Adjust their diet or bring them to the vet if you have any concerns about their bowel movements.

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