Fearless Wolverine Fends off A Wolf Twice Their Size

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Written by Sharon Parry

Updated: October 18, 2023

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Despite wolverines and wolves having quite similar-sounding names, they are not related. What they do share is a fearless nature, and in this short clip, we see a wolverine fend off a large wolf. It looks as if the wolf has discovered the wolverine in a hollow in the ground and starts to attack. However, this brave little creature is not going to give in, and eventually, the wolf has to give up and walk away.

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Wolverine and wolf go head-to-head

All About Wolverines

What Eats Snakes

Wolverine bodies are up to 34 inches long but their tail can add another seven to 10 inches to their total length.


Wolverines are in the same family as weasels. You may also see them called skunk bears or Indian devils. They live in colder regions of the Northern Hemisphere so they are found in Eurasia, Europe, and North America. The term ‘punching above your weight is very apt for this animal and they are described as an aggressive carnivore. They use a combination of bite power and claws to fend off predators and catch prey. Although their bite is actually less powerful than the weasel – the wolverine has more attitude!

Wolverines are also not that big. Their bodies are up to 34 inches long but their tail can add another seven to 10 inches to their total length. In terms of weight – most are between 24 and 40 pounds so they are similar in size to a smaller dog breed like a miniature Aussie Shepherd. Males are larger than females. They live alone and will not tolerate wolverines of the same sex at all – and will only tolerate those of the opposite sex during mating season.

We see the wolverine in this footage in a den that looks like a small cave. Dens are very important to this species as a place of safety. They also shelter in rock crevices, under fallen trees, burrows (dug by other animals), and beds that they make themselves from leaves and grass.

Fierce Wolves

wolf pack
Wolves are pack animals who hunt and roam together.

Wolves are apex predators found widely throughout the Northern Hemisphere on grass plains and in woodland habitats but they are also found in arctic tundra and mountainous regions.

They are pack animals who hunt and roam together and many mate for life. There are more than thirty different subspecies of wolves but they all have rough, thick fur that is often colored to blend in with their environment.

They are much larger than wolverines – they can weigh up to around 160 pounds and grow to six feet in length. As carnivores, wolves need between five and seven pounds of meat every day – a pack needs a large territory to get enough food.  This is provided by deer, elk, sheep, and other larger hoofed animals. However, if they cannot find large prey, they will rely on rabbits and beavers. This particular wolf has made the mistake of having a go at a wolverine which has put up a much bigger fight than a rabbit would! It probably won’t make the same mistake again.

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