Gecko Comes Out of Nowhere To a Fight Snake That Is Squeezing His Buddy

Tokay gecko / Gekko gecko
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Written by Chris Madden

Published: October 30, 2023

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Reptile Rivals Get Into an Action Movie-Like Duel Hanging Off an Ancient Temple!

While hanging off the ancient stone walls of Cambodia’s Pre Rup Temple, the awe-inspiring video below unfolds between a couple reptile rivals. A Tokay gecko finds itself entangled in a life-and-death struggle with a snake. Gripping firmly onto the vertical wall of massive stone bricks with the gecko’s nearly adhesive feet, this battle literally hangs in the balance!

But with a closer look, one will notice the gecko isn’t taking this attack lying down! The gecko is sinking its tiny teeth into the snake’s back. It’s a showdown of small proportions but fiery spirit, played out on the deeply cultured canvas of the temple’s walls.

gecko eating

Tokay Geckos generally feed on insects, spiders, and worms. Lethal hunters at a small scale, the video below is a true showcase of their tenacity in battle!

©I Wayan Sumatika/

Then, when the situation seems hopeless, another Tokay gecko emerges from a crevice between the carefully arranged stones. The snake, ever vigilant, redirects its fury towards the newfound threat, launching a speedy strike. Undaunted, the heroic gecko scales the large stone brick, gaining a vantage point above the serpent.

Matching the lightning-quick strikes of the snake with an unfaltering determination to boot, the gecko attempts to free its friend. A moment of high drama unfolds as it seemingly checks on its trapped friend before launching another daring assault, clamping down on the snake’s head.

The snake, though taking a beating, refuses to yield, returning for yet another bout of strikes. In a final climactic moment, the gecko’s final, decisive strike sends the snake into a spiraling retreat. Losing its grip on the captured gecko, the heroic friend falls to the ground below, intertwined with the snake. They plummet to the ground, an adrenaline-fueled rescue mission worthy of Hollywood lights and cameras! In the amazing setting of an ancient temple, a gecko’s sacrifice for its friend is sure to blow you away.

How Did These Gecko Action Stars Stick to the Wall?

Geckos possess an extraordinary superpower that the video below features on full display. They can scale walls and ceilings with ease, thanks to their incredible feet. The science behind this remarkable ability lies in the microscopic features of their toe pads. Each toe is covered in millions of tiny hair-like structures called ‘setae’, or seta in singular form. These setae create an adhesive intermolecular force known as the Van der Waals force, letting geckos form strong, temporary bonds with surfaces.

Closeup of tokay gecko foot. The foot has five distinct toes. The toes are covered in horizontal ridges. The foot is a pale white. each toes has a slender sharp nail protruding from its center.

An up close shot of a Tokay Gecko’s foot shows the incredible adaptation of their toes. But the true superpowered secret is still too small to see!

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When a gecko steps, this superpower comes into play, allowing them to adhere to surfaces by simply placing their foot down! Moreover, the geckos can quickly detach just by altering the angle of their toes, breaking the bond at their command. This remarkable adaptation not only enables geckos to navigate challenging terrain but also inspires ongoing research for adhesive technology! Geckos aren’t the only animals that utilize this evolutionary hack, as spiders stick to walls using the same microscopic method! So that must be how Spiderman can climb up skyscrapers!

Witness Nature Put On a Show More Exciting Than Some Big Budget Action Shows!

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