Massive Monitor Lizard Battles A Feisty Snake And Eats It like A Strand Of Pasta

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Written by Kirstin Harrington

Updated: November 10, 2023

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© Gunaratna

The Asian water monitor is a strong, clever lizard that looks like it belongs in Jurassic Park. Moreover, they belong to the world’s largest lizard species. The eight-foot Asian water monitor grows swiftly and is often mistaken for a Komodo dragon

Varanidae is a family of lizards that includes Asian water monitors. 50 to 60 lizards make up their family, which also contains the well-known Komodo dragon. Giant reptiles that have existed for millions of years are called water monitors. 

Asian water monitor in water

Monitor lizards are impressive, both massive as well as clever.


They weigh between 44 and 54 pounds. Male adults can reach lengths of nearly eight feet. Females can reach heights of six feet but are slightly shorter. With the aid of their strong legs and curved claws, monitors can effortlessly climb trees regardless of their stature.

These big lizards have stunning tails as well. To help them move through the water, their flattened tails are topped with a ridge of scales. They are excellent swimmers thanks to their sleek bodies. They prefer to reside close to marshes, rivers, and lagoons as a result. 

Sadly, Asian water monitors are hunted in their natural habitat for their flesh, leather, and medicine. Its wild population is not declining despite hunting, and they are not at risk of going extinct.

Is It Normal For a Komodo Dragon to Eat a Snake?

Monitor lizards are carnivores, so they love flesh and eggs, including snakes.

© Gunaratna

Asian water monitors are extreme carnivores. This suggests that the only foods they eat are flesh and other animals and their eggs. Even the devouring of human remains by water monitors has been reported. 

Both urban and rural surroundings are food sources for these opportunistic predators. As a result, they have a naturally diverse diet that includes rats, pets, birds, crabs, reptiles, young crocodiles, eggs, and turtles. And yes, even snakes!

A Tasty Snack

Komodo dragons eat their prey. Indonesia. Komodo National Park. An excellent illustration.

Komodo Dragons only eat meat.


A video filmed at a zoo shows how easily these beasts can consume an entire snake. Although we see two monitor lizards in the video, just one is dining on a slithering serpent. The way it consumes this prey makes it look like it’s a child slurping a piece of spaghetti. 

They have excellent swimming abilities and can even stay submerged for up to 30 minutes. In order to find fish and crustaceans, they will dive. 

Although they are not as amiable as Savannah Monitors, these lizards can still be kept as pets. An interesting object will draw the tongues of calm, inquisitive monitors. If approached in the wild or too soon, they may become hostile. 

It is important to appreciate their size and strength. In the video posted below, you’ll be able to watch these creatures devour a snake in what feels like the blink of an eye. 

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