Genius Bird Figures Out It Can Get a Drink by Dropping Stones in a Bottle

Close up portrait of a Common Raven (Corvus corax)
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Written by Sharon Parry

Published: December 11, 2023

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Never underestimate the intelligence of birds! In this crazy clip, we see a raven raising the water level in a bottle to get a drink. The genius bird has learned that if it drops stones in a water bottle, the level rises, and it can reach the water with its beak. That is avian brain power at work!

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Which Are the Most Intelligent Birds?

Several bird species are a lot smarter than most people realize! They can use tools, solve puzzles, plan, and even recognize abstract concepts. Some have a sophisticated language and are even able to tell lies! Many experts consider crows to be the most intelligent bird on earth. They have been seen dropping nuts onto busy highways so that they will get crushed by the traffic tires. The crows sit nearby waiting for humans and their cars to release the nuts for them. Some crows can even remember the facial features of humans.

The bird in this clip is probably a raven. They have solid black feathers and eyes and are featured in many myths and poems. They have been seen hunting in pairs. One distracts a mother bird while the other raids her nest! They are also fantastic at working out puzzles. There is plenty of footage online of them completing various challenges set up by scientists. After completing the challenge, they are rewarded with some food.

What Do Ravens Normally Eat?

common raven ready for flight

Ravens feed on animals and plants, including other birds.

Ravens are one of the most widespread bird species on the planet. They are in numerous regions, including northern Europe, Iceland, and northwestern India! They prefer open landscapes but are willing to tolerate most types of habitats except for rainforests. In North America, they are usually in wild areas. In other parts of their range, they have become quite used to humans and are in urban areas.

These birds are scavengers and will eat various animals, including arthropods, amphibians, small mammals, and other birds.

They are also scavengers and will feed both on the carrion and the insects feeding on it. When not eating meat, they eat grains, fruits, and buds. Ravens usually take their food from the ground and store it so that they can enjoy it later.

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