Heroic Boys Save Dog from a Hungry Python

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: March 4, 2024

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reticulated python
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There are few things more terrifying than facing a snake, let alone a massive python. Well, unlike most boys who would run from such terror, these kids instead ran straight toward it. They wanted to save this poor helpless dog, no matter what it would cost them. Don’t miss the dramatic video above!

Python Hunting for Food

The short YouTube video clip shown at the beginning of this article shares footage of a reticulated python hunting for any food he can wrap his body around. The Brave Paws YouTube channel shared this video with their 40,000+ subscribers. Along with videos of dogs, they also share footage of wild animals such as wildebeests, zebras, buffalos, bears, and calves. 

Little Boys Save Dog from Reticulated Python

As the video begins, we see a couple of boys who have found a reticulated python wrapped around a large dog. According to the Detroit Zoo, “The reticulated pythons are a “constrictor”; they use their large, strong bodies to constrict and then suffocate their prey.” And as some of the largest snakes in the world, we cannot even imagine how terrified these boys must have been.

However, that did not stop them from doing everything they could to rescue this dog from a certain death. They each go over with large sticks and try to strike the python. The snake goes to defend itself by striking out its head toward the boys. And while they are not venomous snakes, they can constrict tighter when threatened. 

One of the boys uses his stick to pin the python’s head to the ground so that he can grab the body of the snake and rip it from the dog. Once they were able to pull the snake off, the dog was able to run free. 

Do Pythons Eat Pets?

Python eats chicken

Pythons don’t have the best eyesight.

©Mikhail Kniazev/iStock via Getty Images

The 11 species of pythons are the following: Indian python, Central African rock python, ball python, Burmese python, Southern African rock python, Sumatran short-tailed python, Borneo python, Angolan python, Brongersma’s short-tailed python, Myanmar short-tailed python, and European python. As we can imagine they are all different sizes and can be found worldwide. 

Their appetite varies depending on where they live. However, they can be found eating prey such as rodents, birds, lizards, monkeys, wallabies, pigs, and even antelope. And while pets like dogs and cats are not on this list, that does not mean they are exempt. A hungry python will eat just about anything it can grab. 

There are stories of pythons going after family pets from CBS News and Tampa Bay Times. Always remember to keep your pets indoors or within the safety of your eyes. Especially if you know you live in an area where predators such as pythons are known to roam. 

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