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Written by Jennifer Gaeng

Updated: September 13, 2023

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After Scorpio, Sagittarius is the ninth modern zodiac sign. Along with the signs of Aries and Leo, Sagittarius is ruled by the element of Fire. It represents one of the six positive signs, with Jupiter as its ruling planet. Sagittarius is one of the signs in the Zodiac represented by a mythical half-human and half-animal figure. Although not an actual animal symbol, Sagittarius is often associated with many animal spirits in western astrology. Let’s learn about the Sagittarius spirit animals and how they relate to those born under this zodiac sign!

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Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign.

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Sagittarius And the Archer

sagittarius spirit animals

The archer, often depicted as a centaur, is the symbol for Sagittarius.

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Sagittarius Birthday: November 22 – December 21

The archer represents Sagittarius. This is often a creature that is half human and half horse, a centaur. This symbolizes Sagittarius’s effort to transcend humanity’s baser instincts. This mythical creature, which goes by the name centaur, is often used to represent the maturation of the human psyche. It represents the spiritual ambitions of humankind alongside his baser animal natures and cravings.

We can learn more about this independent sign by considering both its strengths and its flaws. The zodiac sign of the horse will also be discussed in terms of its animal symbolism.

Sagittarius And the Horse

Bay horse run on desert dust.

The horse is often associated with Sagittarius as a spirit animal.


Sagittarians hold fast to their individuality, celebrating life with vigor and taking pleasure in each experience. The horse’s elevated levels of activity and natural inquisitiveness only encourage their behavior. The combined horoscope for Sagittarius and the horse indicates that this sign is an optimist, a dreamer, and an enthusiastic traveler. Sagittarians live in a state of perpetual mobility, never stagnating. Their attention often gets diverted from more pressing issues by their never-ending quest for novelty. Sagittarius represents the fundamentally curious and eager to learn. Nothing in their life can be set in stone, but a never-ending series of transitions is acceptable, including marriage, career, and home changes.

Positive Sagittarius Traits

English thoroughbred horse jumping on the beautiful background of the field.

Horses are explorers, energetic, and rarely seem exhausted, much like Sagittarians.


Original and Creative

Positive, rapid, and unpredictable, Sagittarians don’t mind breaking the mold occasionally. They are distinctive in appearance, temperament, and creative thinking. Despite being unpredictable, brash, and active, they often stay incomprehensible to others. Those who do not share their love of exploration may judge them as naive. However, even in old age, those with this sign keep their childlike enthusiasm and sharp mind. They are fueled with energy, friendliness, and optimism. For a Sagittarius, failure is not an option; they view every outcome, positive or terrible, as a learning experience. They try to be everywhere at once and can go to new areas daily, while never seeming exhausted.

Fun and Easy-Going

Sagittarians, represented by the horse spirit animal, have so many brilliant ideas that they can’t possibly hold on to them all. Rather than waiting for permission and assistance, they freely express their ideas to others and manage to go over whatever challenges they encounter on their own. The Sagittarian represents the spirit of an organization, radiating optimism and good times. They are articulate, endearing, and heartwarming in their effort to make everyone happy. Skilled with organization, they can pique the interest of any audience and quickly diffuse even the most stressful situations. The Sagittarius-Horse sign is known for a contagious sense of humor and the ability to make others laugh. Spending time in their company is simple and enjoyable.

Optimistic and Energetic

Sagittarius people are known for their boundless optimism. They tend to see only the best in life. Dynamic, and extremely energetic, they put in a great deal of effort to achieve their goals. They dislike sitting still for extended periods of time, and they recognize the value of variety in their daily routine. The Sagittarius has a multifaceted character and an endless supply of skills. Although independent, they have no interest in living apart from the rest of society and instead, freely impart their wisdom and insight to others. Sagittarians enjoy the company of others, rely on open lines of communication, and aspire to assume a position of influence.

Famous Sagittarians include: Taylor Swift, Brad Pitt, Miley Cyrus, Bruce Lee, and Billie Eilish 

Negative Sagittarius Traits

Black Friesian horse gallop in a field.

Horses are often connected to the Zodaic sign, Sagittarius.

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Short-Tempered and Callous

While being spontaneous is a wonderful trait to have, it might cause Sagittarians to act hastily in some situations. This can make them appear volatile and quick to lose their cool. They may also act in ways that are inconsistent with their generally pleasant and amusing demeanor if they lose their temper as an automatic reaction to a certain situation. Their realistic outlook on life makes them appear callous and emotionally frigid, even though they are nice, caring, and are consistently there for others. The majority can often view them as callous and insensitive to the feelings of others. But they are realistic people who don’t base their decisions on feelings but rather on what they deem as practical.

Hasty and Inconsistent

Sagittarians have an adventurous spirit and a penchant for carefree living. But these traits might also cause individuals to make hasty choices they might later come to regret. Their optimistic and free-spirited personality, influenced by Jupiter, could lead them into dangerous situations. Sagittarians are naturally curious and may not stick with a single pursuit for very long. They might find multiple things interesting at once. Sagittarians are a transitory sign; thus, they tend to move on from one career to another, from one group of friends to another, from one hobby to another, and from one long-term relationship to another.

Over-Confident and Blunt

People born under the Sagittarius sign tend to be among the most self-assured. Their assurance is borne out in their actions, which usually works out for them. However, they risk coming across as overly confident. They are aware that their strong personality and tendency toward independence can make them come across as arrogant to others. Genuine honesty characterizes Sagittarians. While this is where they shine, it could come out as unpleasant or insensitive to others at times. They have a tough time spinning a tale or sugar-coating a statement, and while many people respect them for being forthright and trusting their judgments, others may find them harsh or unforgiving.

How To Be The Best Sagittarius

Horse dewormer

Horses are free-spirited and full of life, much like Sagittarian people.

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Using astrology to get insight into one’s hidden talents and skills can help one grow as a person. It can help you find compatibility in dating, careers, and other areas of life. For instance, Sagittarius individuals excel at the roles of creative writer, photographer, entertainer, politician, and educator. Sagittarians are naturally extroverted and skilled at making other people happy, making them ideal candidates for professions in the public eye. These are fields in which Sagittarius natives can thrive, but they should always be mindful of the flaws that could undermine their professional aspirations or interpersonal connections.


When it comes to love, Sagittarians are most compatible with those born under the signs of Aries, Leo, and Gemini, all of which are fire and air signs. Those born under the Water signs of Pisces and Scorpio are commonly considered the least fit. In the end, Sagittarians need partners who can appreciate and mirror their own irrepressible sense of adventure and lighthearted approach to life. Because Sagittarians are restless and always eager for new experiences, they need a life partner who is up for anything and can roll with the punches whenever life throws them a curveball.


Sagittarius people are happiest when they live life to the fullest. Do the things you’ve always wanted to do, eat the things you’ve always wanted to try, and hang out with others who share your enthusiasm for life. Embrace your individual sense of style and strive to put your best face forward each day. Don’t worry about the trivial things and just go with the flow. In a nutshell, set goals and find daily motivation to pursue them. Doing so and giving yourself room for innovation will provide you with the personal and professional fulfillment you’ve been seeking.

Why Is the Sagittarius Sign the Archer?

The Latin name for the Archer sign is Sagittarius. According to Greek mythology, Sagittarius was named after Chiron, which was an immortal centaur who served as a mentor to many legendary Greek heroes. He was extremely helpful, and he shared his knowledge of medicine, hunting, music, and prophecy with others. Sagittarius, depicted as a centaur-like figure aiming a bow, was given the name Nergal in ancient Babylonia.

The following are some alternative zodiac spirit animals that would get along well with people born under the Sagittarius star sign. In subsequent articles, we’ll delve more into these common zodiac models.

Other spirit animals associated with the sign of Sagittarius include the rat, wolf, hawk and owl.

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Chinese Astrology

According to the ancient Chinese calendar, each of the twelve years in a cycle has a specific zodiac sign and set of characteristics associated with it. Each of the 12 Western zodiac signs is said to have a corresponding animal in the Chinese zodiac that is not their birth year animal. We’ll move on to a quick description of Sagittarius’s “twin” sign in the Chinese Zodiac.

Chinese Zodiac Twin for Sagittarius: The Rat

rat crawling

The rat is the Chinese zodiac twin for Sagittarius.

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The Chinese Zodiac Rat is well-known for being resourceful and diligent. Fast on its feet and in its mind, Rat can quickly assess a situation and take appropriate action, often ahead of the curve. The Rat is one of the most significant symbols of prosperity in China. This Chinese creature is known for its kind nature and endearing character. The Rat of the Chinese zodiac is known for speaking his or her mind. When it comes to noticing minute details, the Chinese Rat is almost as good as x-ray vision.

Celtic Astrology

Celtic astrology has several commonalities with Western astrology. Since the Celtic calendar and the western zodiac calendar differ slightly, you’ll need to go off your exact birth date to learn your Celtic spirit animal as a Sagittarius.

1. Celtic Zodiac Twin for Sagittarius: The Wolf (October 28 – November 24)


The wolf is a partial Celtic zodiac twin for Sagittarius.


If your birthdate occurs between the dates above, the Wolf is your Celtic spirit animal. Deep passions permeate Wolf’s being. This is an enthusiastic lover on a level with none other. The challenge is that Wolf is also autonomous; they demand regular alone time. If Wolf is lucky enough to meet a partner who shares his or her need for compassion and free-spiritedness, they will be a formidable match.

2. Celtic Zodiac Twin for Sagittarius: The Hawk (November 25 – December 23)

white tailed hawk

The hawk is a partial Celtic zodiac twin for Sagittarius.

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If your birthdate occurs between the dates above, your Celtic spirit totem is the Hawk! In Celtic mythology, the hawk (or falcon) symbolizes sharp vision and concentration. Falcon is determined and tenacious enough to follow things through. They are insatiably curious, and after they’ve learned something, they enjoy sharing what they’ve learned with others. Their kindness is well-known, as is Falcon’s impeccable honesty.

Native American Astrology

In both Western and Native American astrology, the sign dates are the same, but the corresponding spirit animals are not. If you’re a Sagittarius and want to know your native American totem animal, keep reading!

Native American Sagittarius Twin: The Owl

Barred Owl

The owl is the Native American Zodiac twin for Sagittarius.


For Native Americans, the Sagittarius spirit animal is the Owl. One of the owl’s many endearing characteristics is its innate ability to see in the dark. For this reason, members of this family have the capacity to achieve great levels of enlightenment and insight. They are excellent listeners and have insightful words of wisdom to share on the purpose of life. Members of this tribe also share some dualities in fascinating ways. This is because they’re also gregarious, outgoing, and social people who enjoy getting out and having a fun time.

In Conclusion

zodiac astrology

Spirit animals come in the form of dreams and chance encounters, so pay close attention!

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The horse, rat, wolf, hawk, and owl are just a few of the many Sagittarius spirit animals. These are symbolic representations of your personality derived from conventional astrological wisdom and conventional psychological studies.

It’s possible that the other animals you encounter in your spiritual realm represent characteristics of your character or experiences that are unique to you. People frequently dream about animals or have chance encounters with particular animals at important points in their lives. There are many unique approaches to finding your spirit animal(s), but hopefully, you liked learning about the many animals associated with your zodiac sign!

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