Octopus Tries To Break Through the Shell of a Slipper Lobster But Fails and Retreating With Injuries

Written by Ryan Fisher
Updated: October 31, 2023
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Octopuses are some of the most intelligent animal species in the world, known for their ability to solve complex puzzles and squeeze through tight spaces. Their intelligence allows them to succeed in the harsh ocean environment. For instance, their ability to outsmart predators and fool prey gives them a leg up on the competition. On top of their intelligence, they also have a lot of unique abilities, such as the power to change the color of their skin at will! 

Even the smartest of animals run into their fair share of challenges, however. Watch below as a mighty octopus fails while attempting to break through the tough shell of a slipper lobster

In the video, an octopus is holding onto a slipper lobster, which is a variety known for having an extremely tough outer shell. For a few minutes, it can be seen trying to break the lobster’s shell, using its beak to try and crack its exterior. Despite the effort given, it seems to be ineffective as the lobster holds strong against the pressure. After some more struggling, the octopus finally gives up and swims away, seemingly exhausted and injured from the intense tussle. 

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How Do Octopuses Eat? 

Large octopus walking along the ocean floor

For being such soft-bodied animals, octopuses have a particular taste for eating hard-shelled crustaceans!


Octopuses are voracious predators who like to eat a variety of different sea animals. Among fish and snails, they particularly like to snack on crustaceans such as lobsters and crabs. To hunt, they typically lie in wait on the ocean floor or in a tide pool depending on their native habitat. As masters of disguise, they can evade detection by camouflaging their skin to blend in with the environment. Furthermore, their flexible bodies allow them to adhere to the contours of their environment to better blend in. 

When something tasty passes by they will burst into action, grabbing at it with their powerful tentacles. Interestingly, most octopuses have some form of venom, which they release similarly to saliva. This venom may have a variety of functions, but it is generally thought to incapacitate prey.

Lastly, they also have a beak which they use to tear flesh and break hard shells. This is likely what the octopus was trying to do to the lobster in the video below! 

Do Octopuses Have Bones? 

One mesmerizing characteristic about octopuses is that they are incredibly flexible, to the point where they seem almost alien-like. As invertebrates, they don’t have true bones within or outside their body. The closest thing would be their beak, which only has a purpose for eating and hunting.

Being underwater, the high pressure can comfortably support their tissues. They do have some large and powerful muscles that run through their body, occasionally giving structural support like bones

It is this lack of bones that makes octopuses incredibly unique and flexible. Combined with their high intelligence, they can squeeze through lots of tight spaces. In fact, they are mainly limited by their beak size, meaning they can often get through spaces as small as one inch in diameter! 

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