8 Places in America Where You Can Still See Wild Horses

Written by Christine Colbert
Updated: November 12, 2023
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There is nothing quite like the sight of a herd of wild horses. Roaming freely across North America’s open lands, these majestic animals are a vision to behold. If you’ve found yourself wondering if there are still wild horses in the United States, you can go and see them yourself at several locations. Many of them can be found in places with incredible scenic backdrops and wide-open vistas.

Wild Horses in Summer in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Montana

Wild horses running on open public land.

©Tom Tietz/Shutterstock.com

The Best Places to See Wild Horses

Contrary to popular belief, wild horses can be found throughout the United States not just in the American West. Isolated herds have continued to survive in national parks, wilderness regions, and specially protected areas from coast to coast. There are even wild horses in Hawaii. The state with the most wild horses is Nevada, which has an abundance of open space for wild herds to thrive.

1. Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt National Park sign

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is just one of the many places where you can see wild horses.

©Zack Frank/Shutterstock.com

Aside from the beauty of this national park amidst the Badlands of North Dakota, it’s also home to about 100 wild horses. You can typically find them grazing near the south end of the park, especially in the summertime.

2. Virginia Range, Nevada

Several wild mustang horses fighting and playing in the Nevada deserts.

Drive cautiously near Virginia City because these Mustangs roam without fences.

©Que Images/Shutterstock.com

Just outside Reno, Nevada, near Virginia City, you can find herds of wild mustangs. Approximately 2,000 roam this territory safely, and you can see them for free. If you’re looking for a guided tour, there are several available in the area.

3. Outer Banks, North Carolina

OBX Outer Banks Beach Scenes

Get a glimpse of wild horses on the beaches of Currituck.

©Jessica McKinney/Shutterstock.com

Did you know that thousands of wild horses once roamed North Carolina’s Outer Banks? Unfortunately, you won’t find such large numbers in the area anymore. But there are still about 100 horses along the beaches of Currituck

4. Steens Mountain Wilderness Area, Oregon

Wild Horses in the Steens Mountains

A wild herd grazes on thousands of acres of public land in the Steens Mountain Wilderness area.


With over 400,000 acres of public land, Steens Mountain Wilderness Area is the perfect place for herds to find plenty of space. Brought to the area centuries ago by Spanish conquistadors, the Kiger Mustang calls this region home. You can even view them on horseback on a guided tour.

5. Tonto National Forest, Arizona

Gorgeous Roan Wild Stallion Yawns While Standing In The Salt River Of the Tonto National Forest In Arizona. Kayakers View While Floating Pass In The River

Tonto National Forest offers a scenic location where you can view the horses.

©Barbara Sullivan/Shutterstock.com

Saved by a local nonprofit, you can find a herd outside of Phoenix, Arizona, happy and free in the Tonto National Forest. A popular way to view them is by kayaking down the Salt River.

6. Waipi’o Valley, Hawaii

Hawaii Wild Horse

You can even find a herd in Hawaii on the Big Island.

©Jason Wilde/Shutterstock.com

If you’re visiting the Big Island and looking for an unforgettable activity, visit the sacred Waipi’o Valley, or “Valley of the Kings.” You can view wild herds of Spanish Barbed Mustangs. And the area is incredibly beautiful, with black sandy beaches and picturesque waterfalls.

7. Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Refuge, Montana

Wild Horse Palomino Stallion posturing and prancing before fighting in the Pryor Mountains Wild Horse Range on the border of Wyoming Montana in the United States

This herd is designated as fully protected on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range.


Just outside of Billings, Montana, and set against the scenic backdrop of Big Horn County, Wyoming, lies the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. Home to over 100 horses, this nationally designated area was established to protect these animals. Take a self-guided tour with directions provided by the Pryor Wild Mustang Center, or sign up for a Jeep tour.

8. Dugway, Utah

Fighting Wild Horses in Utah

Once part of the Pony Express highway, this area of Utah is now home to over 450 horses.

©Taylored Photos/Shutterstock.com

To visit Dugway, Utah, is to take a long drive deep into the most open, arid lands of Utah. Out there, you’ll find over 450 horses from the Onaqui Mountain Herd. This area was once a central artery of the Pony Express. You can see wild herds while traveling the very same road used by Pony Express riders.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Adventure_Images/Shutterstock.com

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