Raging Moose Attacks Woman In Her Backyard

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: February 24, 2024

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The loyalty that a dog has with its owner is an intense bond that is not easily broken. They are fierce protectors of the people that they love. And the video below is a prime example of what a dog is willing to do to save its owner from harm. 

Moose Gone Wild

The short YouTube video clip shown at the top of this blog post shares footage of an angry moose. And ends up charging at a woman. The Just Smile YouTube page shared this video on their platform. The guy who runs this channel has a passion for sharing his commentary on animals such as deer, dogs, monkeys, and lions. 

Dog Saves Owner From Harm

The start of the video at the top shows a woman going into her backyard to let her two dogs go out and play. Not long into their play, a moose comes out of nowhere and charges straight toward the woman. She trips and falls, with the moose close on her heels. 

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game shares that moose are not naturally an aggressive species. Of course, they add that a moose who is scared, harassed, hungry, or tired can attack. However, they also share that “Moose view dogs as enemies and will sometimes go out of their way to kick at one, even if the dog is on a leash or in a fenced yard.” And in the situation of the video above, it could very well be that these dogs are what spooked this moose and made him angry. 

The dog beside his owner takes action and immediately barks and chases the moose away. This allows the woman to get a clean getaway without being harmed. 

Where Do Moose Live?

Moose on the run in Winter

Moose can run up to 20 miles per hour.


The moose (Alces alces) has eight subspecies. According to the National Wildlife Federation, they live in regions throughout the United States, from Maine to Washington to Alaska. Moose can also be found in Canada. 

Moose have a heavy population of an estimated 1.5 million spread throughout the above-mentioned regions. Alaska has the highest population, with Maine coming in second with the most from the lower 48. 

Although moose are large mammals weighing up to 1,600 pounds and reaching up to seven feet tall, they are herbivore eaters. They eat simple things such as grass, twigs, and pondweed. They have to constantly worry about predators such as brown bears and wolves. As we can see from the video above, they also perceive dogs as a threat. 

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