8 Reasons to Skip on Buying a Ryobi Lawnmower

Written by Kristin Hitchcock
Updated: November 8, 2023
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Ryobi is known for producing cheaper lawnmowers than other brands, which is why many people decide to purchase from them. However, just because they are cheaper doesn’t mean you should try to save a few bucks and purchase a Ryobi lawnmower. There are also many reasons why you may want to skip buying a Ryobi lawnmower.

Of course, individual preferences vary. What one person wants in a lawnmower may differ completely from what you’re looking for. We’ll go over some of the reasons people may not like a Ryobi lawnmower, and then you can decide whether this lawnmower would work well for you or not!

A glance at 8 Reasons to Skip on Buying a Ryobi Lawnmower.

1. Build Quality

Man repairing an old lawn mower, gas engine.

Durability can be a problem with Ryobi lawnmowers.

©MAXSHOT/iStock via Getty Images

Ryobi is a budget lawnmower company, so they don’t usually have the same quality as some more expensive brands. Their lawnmowers may not be as robust and durable as those made by some premium brands, which can be a problem if you plan on keeping your lawnmower for a while.

The materials used and craftsmanship in Ryobi mowers may not stand up to heavy use over time, potentially resulting in more frequent repairs or a shorter lifespan. You may have to pay more for repairs, which would limit the amount of money you actually saved from the lawnmower.

If you want a lawnmower that will work for a long time, you may want to look elsewhere for a more suitable brand.

2. Battery Life

Outdoor shot of garden equipment

Ryobi makes tons of different kinds of lawn equipment, but they do tend to focus solely on budget options. Therefore, their equipment is often less feature-rich and durable than the competition.

©Vitalliy/iStock via Getty Images

Ryobi offers cordless electric lawn mowers as part of their product lineup, which can be a convenient and eco-friendly choice. However, the battery life may not be adequate for some homeowners with larger yards. Plus, batteries can be expensive, so even if you plan to purchase several batteries to increase runtime, this can be incredibly expensive.

This brand’s batteries may not have as long a lifespan as other brands. Therefore, even if you want a battery-powered lawnmower, it may not be practical to purchase a Ryobi. Depending on the size of your lawn, you may find yourself needing to recharge the battery frequently during mowing sessions, leading to interruptions and added inconvenience.

Simply put, no one likes to repeatedly charge their battery or end up with a half-mowed lawn because their lawnmower died.

3. Limited Features

Lawn Mower, Mowing, Yard - Grounds, Lawn, Grass

Compared to other lawnmower brands, Ryobi may not offer all the features you desire in a mower.


While Ryobi lawnmowers are competitively priced, they may not offer as many advanced features and options as some higher-end brands. They sell pretty basic lawnmowers, which can be a serious step down for someone who’s coming from a more premium brand.

For instance, you may have difficulty finding a model with self-propulsion, adjustable cutting heights, or mulching capabilities. You may not need these features (in which case, this brand may be great), but if you do, not having them can be a rude awakening.

Don’t assume that these lawnmowers come with the same capabilities as a different brand’s model. Always look at the specific features advertised and compare them with your specific needs. You may find that a Ryobi lawnmower doesn’t do everything you need.

4. Price vs. Performance

One gardener mowing grass fixing lawn mower engine problem

Most lawnmowers need to be repaired at some point. For more premium options, it makes sense to repair them. However, cheaper options like Ryobi may simply not be worth the cost or labor.

©tommaso79/iStock via Getty Images

Ryobi lawn mowers are generally more budget-friendly than premium brands like Honda or Toro. However, it’s worth considering whether the lower cost aligns with your performance expectations. While these lawnmowers are cheaper, it’s important not to expect them to perform as well as other lawnmowers.

Of course, they can get the job done. However, they often don’t have the same level of cutting power or ease of use as other alternatives. Depending on your long-term goals and investment in lawn care, spending a bit more on a mower from a well-established brand may provide better value over time.

You don’t want to purchase a cheap Ryobi lawnmower only to find out it isn’t what you need, forcing you to purchase a more expensive model. Therefore, we highly recommend that you take an honest look at how well these lawnmowers work and if they’ll be powerful enough for you.

5. Customer Service and Support

Smiling woman talking to customer on headphones

Quality customer service is another possible problem with buying Ryobi mowers.

©Ridofranz/iStock via Getty Images

There are many mixed reports with this company’s customer service and warranty support. While many of their lawnmowers do include a warranty, this is often challenging to act on. Furthermore, much of their customer service is outsourced, which can prove to be a problem.

If you end up having trouble with one of your lawnmowers, then you may not get the level of support you need. While this may be easy to overlook when purchasing a lawnmower, it can make a world of difference later on.

We highly recommend considering the manufacturer’s reputation for customer service when making a purchasing decision, especially when you’re purchasing something as expensive as a lawnmower!

6. Terrain and Yard Size

Scenic View of a Beautiful Garden with a Freshly Mowed Lawn

Hilly landscapes and uneven terrain aren’t well-suited for Ryobi lawnmowers.

©1000 Words/Shutterstock.com

Ryobi lawnmowers are typically not the best for yards on big hills or other challenging terrain. They just don’t do well on uneven, hilly landscapes. Depending on how your yard is exactly set up, a Ryobi lawnmower may have trouble navigating it, making your cut uneven and messy.

Many other brands make lawnmowers specifically for more challenging terrain. You may want to explore mower options from brands that are a bit higher quality and have the added features necessary for challenging yards.

(However, these are often more expensive, as they have more features. In this case, you’re absolutely getting what you pay for!)

7. Availability of Replacement Parts

Lawn mower

Ryobi tends to have fewer features on their lawnmowers, which makes sense, given their much lower price point.

©MariuszBlach/iStock via Getty Images

Most lawnmowers need replacement parts at some point. However, Ryobi lawnmowers tend to have problems with replacement part availability. Specific models may not have many parts available, or you must have to get them from a particular, licensed person. In the end, this can make repairing your lawnmower more of a headache than it needs to be!

Of course, this isn’t true all the time. Ryobi does tend to have an understandably lower collection of available replacement parts than a company like John Deere. Furthermore, Ryobi lawnmowers are so much cheaper that it is often cheaper to just buy a new one than repair the broken one.

All of these factors can make repairing your lawnmower a bit more expensive and complications. This is a big reason to skip on buying a Ryobi lawnmower.

8. Noise Level

Young woman at home covering ears with fingers with annoyed expression for the noise of loud music. Deaf concept.

Your neighbors might not appreciate the loud nature of the gas-powered Ryobi mower.

©AaronAmat/iStock via Getty Images

It’s worth noting that gas-powered Ryobi lawnmowers may produce more noise compared to electric models. If noise pollution is a concern for you, especially in areas with noise regulations or close neighbors, the noise levels generated by a gas-powered mower might be a significant drawback.

Even compared to similar models from premium brands, Ryobi lawnmowers tend to be noisier. Likely, this is because they spend less money trying to make their lawnmowers quieter, which lets them price their models so low.

However, this also means that you have to put up with more sound pollution, which your neighbors may not like!

All lawnmowers are at least somewhat noisy. Electric mowers are particularly quiet, though. Therefore, you may want to choose an electric model if you particularly care about the noise level of your lawnmower.

Summary of Reasons to Skip Buying a Ryobi Lawnmower

1Build Quality
2Battery Life
3Limited Features
4Price vs. Performance
5Customer Service and Support
6Terrain and Yard Size
7Availability of Repalcement Parts
8Noise Levels

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