See the Mind-Blowing Size of This Lion That Invades a Campsite with Campers in Tents

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: October 26, 2023
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There’s something about sleeping out in the wild, a tent the only thing separating you from everything wild about the wild. It’s the kind of experience that helps you reconnect to nature. But in the case of the campers in this video, it’s also the kind of experience that makes your stomach turn with a mix of fear and awe!

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Massive lion approaches tent with campers inside!

Lion Vocalizations

A lion’s roar can stop you in your tracks but even that lower gruff sound they make can paralyze you with fear. But for lions, it’s just the method with which they communicate. These sounds travel for miles and they use them as a way of letting other animals know that you’re in their kingdom. Roars are territorial expressions that communicate how many lions are around and how strong they might be. When outnumbered, male lions still roar with all their might. But females are a bit more careful, only returning roars when they outnumber the other group. Often, fights among lions result in death, which is why female lions are more cautious about battling it out.

How Do Lions Interact With Campers?

It’s certainly not an activity for all, but there are wildlife refuges where you can set up camp and sleep out in the company of wild animals, including lions. There have been multiple encounters between campers and lions in these settings. Sometimes the lions approach tables and sniff around objects. They may notice the campers and continue walking. Other times, they lick tents — with campers inside! And as the the video above shows, they might even do a bit of chewing or marking. They are the apex predators and whatever they do, one thing remains the same. The campers stop moving. If it’s possible, they retreat into the safety of their vehicles. Otherwise, they instinctively remain absolutely still until the lion has lost interest and goes on its way.

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Lion Invades Campsite

When the video starts, you’re getting a view from inside the tent where the campers are experiencing an early morning fright. It’s 6:15 AM somewhere in the Kalahari in South Africa and you can hear the roaring of a nearby lion. The person who posted the video explains that the lion had been roaring every hour starting at about 2 AM, calling over to his mates and letting any other animal nearby know it’s his territory they’re in. Midway through the video, the campers try to decide if they should move over to the car if it’s safe enough to. Eventually, they do, and they capture some incredible footage!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © ibrandcare/iStock via Getty Images

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