40 Spiritual Cat Names (With Origins and Meanings)

Written by Sammi Caramela
Published: January 20, 2024
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Every pet owner knows one of the most challenging parts of adopting an animal is deciding on its name. Names are permanent identifications that can subconsciously impact how we and others perceive one another. When it comes to naming your feline loved ones, you might spend weeks parsing through spiritual cat names that fit your feline’s vibe. Oftentimes, we won’t settle until we find the perfect match.

Are you looking to name your new furry friend something special? Consider one of the following spiritual male and female cat names — including origins and meanings.

Spiritual Male Cat Names

Here are 20 of the most spiritual cat names for male felines.

A couple of happy kittens sleep together in a cozy blanket. Kittens loving each other. Charming feline look

All kittens are born with blue eyes and don’t develop their true eye color until around eight weeks.


1. Ulysses

Meaning: Wrathful

Origin: Latin

Is your cat extra sassy and vengeful? Ulysses might be the ideal name. 

2. Ajaj

Meaning: Miracle

Origin: Arabic

Our kittens can feel like little miracles in our lives, and Ajaj is the perfect name to remind us of this sentiment. 

3. Zeus

Meaning: Sky; Greek king of the gods

Origin: Greek/Greek mythology

Zeus is a powerful and celestial name for a male cat.

4. Genesis 

Meaning: Beginning; birth

Origin: Greek

Another strong, gorgeous, and metaphysical name for your boy cat is Genesis.

5. Hercules 

Meaning: Glory; pride

Origin: Greek/Greek mythology

The name “Hercules” will do right by your cat, allowing you to celebrate its strength in all of its glory. 

6. Thor

Meaning: God of thunder; strength and power

Origin: Scandinavian/Norse mythology

Thor is the perfect cat name for any Marvel fans.

7. Bishop

Meaning: Overseer

Origin: British; Greek 

Do you ever feel like your cat is always watching you — or, at the very least, watching over you? Bishop might just be the name for your furry friend.

8. Griffin 

Meaning: Lord; strong chief

Origin: Welsh

Not only is Griffin an adorable boy name, but it also holds a powerful meaning. 

9. Jericho

Meaning: “city of the moon”; strength and resilience

Origin: Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek

This unique and gorgeous name has a powerful spiritual origin.

10. Hero

Meaning: Brave one; courageous and noble

Origin: Greek

Our cats often end up being our very own heroes. 

11. Loki 

Meaning: Trickster; airy

Origin: Norse mythology

Loki is the perfect playful name for your mischievous male cat.

12. Zion 

Meaning: Highest point; holy place

Origin: Hebrew

Zion is a holy name that holds power and authority.

13. Bodhi 

Meaning: Awakening; enlightenment

Origin: Sanskrit

A highly spiritual term, Bodhi makes for an excellent cat name.

14. Phoenix

Meaning: Resilient; immortal

Origin: Greek mythology

The phoenix is known as an almightly, powerful figure — much like how we view our cats.

15. Sirius 

Meaning: Glowing; bright star

Origin: Greek

Hint: This name is even more fun when you’re asking your cat, “Are you serious?” after its devilish behavior.

16. Achilles 

Meaning: Pain; Greek warrior

Origin: Greek mythology

Do you ever feel like your cat is your Achilles heel?

17. Apollo

Meaning: God of healing and prophecy

Origin: Greek; Roman

Many believe that cats possess spiritual healing powers, making Apollo a suitable name for our male felines.

18. Orion

Meaning: Strength; haven’s light; sky

Origin: Greek

Orion is actually a set of stars visible in some areas of the night sky.

19. Deacon

Meaning: Messenger; helper; servant

Origin: Greek; English; Christian

Deacon might be a more religious name to some, but it describes helpfulness and positive servantry. 

20. Midas 

Meaning: Touch of gold; power

Origin: Greek

Much like Midas, due to their adorable and warm-hearted nature, it can feel like everything our cats touch turns to gold.

Spiritual Female Cat Names

Here are 20 of the most spiritual cat names for female felines.

Little red kitten with wreath of blue flowers on its head

Did you know that female orange cats are rare?


1. Bliss

Meaning: Joy; spiritual happiness

Origin: British

Bliss is a beautiful name that’s sure to paint your cat in a bright light.

2. Alya

Meaning: Sky; heaven

Origin: Arabic

Alya is the perfect spiritual cat name for sky-smitten cat owners.

3. Ophelia

Meaning: Help/healing; advantage

Origin: Greek

A classic female name, Ophelia, suggests a strong, healing, yet calming presence.

4. Andromeda

Meaning: Leader; advisor

Origin: Greek

Andromeda is an ideal name for those more confident, domineering cats.

5. Aurora

Meaning: Dawn; natural light

Origin: Latin

Aurora is as beautiful of a name as the gorgeous morning light it represents.

6. Celeste

Meaning: Heavenly; celestial

Origin: Latin; Italian; French

Celeste will surely give your feline friend a cosmic flare.

7. Roxana

Meaning: Dawn; little star; bright; shining

Origin: Persian

Our furry loved ones are likely glowing stars to us, making Roxana the perfect name to encompass your cat’s presence in your life.

8. Estela

Meaning: Star

Origin: Spanish

Not only is Stella a stunning name, but it also symbolizes bright stars in the night sky.

9. Amethyst 

Meaning: Protection against intoxication

Origin: Greek

This unique cat name highlights our felines’ spiritual abilities to protect us.

10. Crystal

Meaning: Precious; clear

Origin: Greek

Because our kitties are just as precious (yet resilient!) as crystals!

11. Sage

Meaning: Wise; prophet

Origin: Latin

Cats hold an heir of ancient wisdom and mystery, making Sage a remarkable yet fitting name.

12. Sol 

Meaning: Sun; peace

Origin: Spanish; Jewish

Not only does it sound like “soul,” but the name “Sol” also embodies the energy of the sun.

13. Stella

Meaning: Star; celestial

Origin: Latin; Italian

This lovely name has the allure of the entire universe with its celestial nature.

14. Aura

Meaning: Soft breeze; gentle presence 

Origin: Greek

Aura is the perfect name for a quieter, more timid kitten with a tremendous heart.

15. Angelica

Meaning: Angel; the messenger of God

Origin: Latin

Oftentimes, our felines can feel like angels brought to us from above, making Angelica the perfect cat name.

16. Harmony

Meaning: Agreement; concord

Origin: Greek

The name “Harmony” symbolizes a sense of balance and peace, and it reminds us of the spiritual harmony our furry friends bring to our lives.

17. Destiny

Meaning: Fate; fortune

Origin: French

Don’t you feel it was “destiny” to adopt your one-of-a-kind kitty?

18. Luna

Meaning: Moon

Origin: Latin; Spanish; Italian; Roman mythology

Moon lovers are bound to feel called toward the name Luna, which, to me, is the perfect cat name.

19. Mercy

Meaning: Compassion; forgiveness

Origin: British 

Our little bundles of fur and love naturally embody the concept of mercy, making it an exquisite and fitting name. 

20. Serenity 

Meaning: Peace; calmness

Origin: French; Latin

Serenity is not only a beautiful name, but it also reminds us to appreciate the peace and gentleness our cats carry with them (when they don’t have the zoomies, that is!)

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