200 Fancy Cat Names to Make Your Cat Sound Like Majestic Royalty

Written by Asia Mayfield
Updated: January 11, 2024
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Fido or Spot are great cat names, but not for your distinguished feline. Your furry king or queen deserves a name befitting royalty. Here’s a list of 200 fancy cat names in case you need inspiration for the purrfect posh moniker.

Mythological Cat Names

royal canin renal support cat food

Cats with ties should have top-tier names.


Let your cat share a name with an ancient god. These majestic, famous names come with rich histories and powerful symbolism. Give them to bold furballs who walk with their tails held high. 

  1. Zeus: King of the Greek gods and capricious trickster. Zeus’ pranks are as legendary as his dominance
  2. Isis: Egyptian queen of magic and healing arts. Some believed she held threads of fate
  3. Jupiter: Roman equivalent of Zeus
  4. Ra: Egyptian deity who controls power, light, and the heavens 
  5. Anubis: Egyptian cemetery god with the head of a black jackal
  6. Aphrodite: Greek goddess who represents love and female beauty
  7. Artemis: Huntress and protectress among the Greeks
  8. Apollo: The son of Zeus and one of the mightiest gods
  9. Demeter: Greek queen of the earth. A goddess who oversees fertility and the harvest
  10. Plutus: Son of Demter
  11. Aion: Roman god of limitless time
  12. Clementia: Sweet Roman goddess of divine mercy
  13. Fortuna: Roman Goddess of luck and fortune

Additional mythological cat names

  1. Aesculapius
  2. Faunus
  3. Anna Perenna
  4. Horus
  5. Ares
  6. Bellona
  7. Feronia
  8. Castor
  9. Carna
  10. Cybele
  11. Hercules
  12. Neptune
  13. Juno
  14. Mercury
  15. Babi
  16. Lua
  17. Hermes
  18. Hyperion
  19. Oceanus
  20. Triton
  21. Prometheus
  22. Kratos
  23. Boreas
  24. Hypnos
  25. Alastor
  26. Morpheus
  27. Helios

Regal Cat Names Based on Color

If you need ideas, name your cat after the color of their eyes or fur.

©Luxurious Ragdoll/Shutterstock.com

Your cat’s thick, gorgeous coat might be their most noticeable feature. A sophisticated name matching their colorful fur will have them rubbing your leg whenever you call. 

  1. Aurelia: Gold
  2. Carmine: Red
  3. Ebony: Black 
  4. Cressida: Gold
  5. Ivory: white
  6. Saffron: Yellow
  7. Topaz: Yellow
  8. Raven: Black 
  9. Sable: Brown 
  10. Fuscia: Purplish red 
  11. Blaine: Yellow 
  12. Verdant: Green 
  13. Onyx:  Black

Glamorous Location-Based Cat Names 

A fluffy cat with amber eyes lying in an open, packed suitcase

If you’re traveling with your cat, give them a fun, first-class name.


Do you live for the jetsetting lifestyle? Or maybe your kitty has a certain Je ne sais quoi. Naming them after a sought-after destination gives them an exotic tinge.

  1. Barcelona: Capital of Spain 
  2. Cairo: Capital of Egpyt
  3. Chicago: American Midwest financial center
  4. Holland: Dutch-speaking country 
  5. Morocco: North African nation 
  6. Persia: Ancient Iran
  7. Aspen: Ritzy American ski town 
  8. India: South Asian country 
  9. Sundance: American city that hosts a famous movie festival 
  10. Caspian: Large sea 
  11. Geneva: Capital of Switzerland

Additional Location-Based Cat Names 

  1. Asia
  2. Sydney
  3. Tokyo
  4. London 
  5. New York 
  6. Prague 
  7. Milan
  8. Jamaica 
  9. Bali 
  10. Dublin 
  11. Everest 
  12. Kilimanjaro 
  13. Olympia
  14. Vail 
  15. Beverly Hills 
  16. L.A.
  17. Hamptons 
  18. Venice 
  19. Hong Kong

Wealthy-Sounding Cat Names

Abyssinian laying on striped pillows

Some cats even look expensive.


With their gorgeous bright eyes and picture-worthy faces, some cats look like a million bucks. Fancy cat names born from luxurious words are a natural fit when you have a cat like this.

  1. Stately
  2. Chic
  3. Fancy 
  4. Couture 
  5. Delux 
  6. Classy 
  7. Prim 
  8. Dynasty 
  9. Billionaire 
  10. Millionaire 
  11. Gala 
  12. Grand 
  13. Luxe
  14. Ritzy 
  15. Supreme
  16. Aristocrat 
  17. Mogul 
  18. Swanky
  19. Duke
  20. Duchess 
  21. Ritzy

Uppercrust Cat Names from Fiction

Close-up of gray furry cat sitting on woman's lap and looking at camera with its green eyes. Hands of older woman stroking, caressing fluffy pet resting on legs of owner, indoors

Pampered cats often have unique names.

©Sergey Dementyev/iStock via Getty Images

What’s more comfortable than a cat in your lap and a book in your hand? If your answer to that question is “nothing,” these names taken from fiction might resonate with you.

  1. Mr. Darcy: Rich love interest in Pride and Prejudice
  2. Bronte: Last name of the famous novelist sisters
  3. Byron: Lord Byron
  4. Shakespeare: World’s most famous poet
  5. Gatsby: Powerful character in The Great Gatsby 
  6. Hemingway: Ernest Hemingway, an acclaimed author 
  7. Wharton: Edith Wharton, a novelist who focused on the American upper class 
  8. Holly Golightly: Flirty lead character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  9. Ophelia: Character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Designer Cat Names

Iconic designer names go well with lovely cats.

©kitty.green66 / CC BY-SA 2.0 – License

The world of high fashion may seem far removed from your slinky cat, but they share an untouchably cool vibe. The cat may even be the home’s ruler, dictating cuddles and food on demand. 

  1. Armani: Sleek brand from Giorgio Armani
  2. Coco: Famed designer Coco Chanel
  3. Klein: Dynamic designer Calvin Klein 
  4. Chanel: High-end fashion and perfume brand
  5. Fendi: Esteemed fashion house
  6. Vera: Celebrated fashion visionary Vera Wang 
  7. Hermès: Trendsetting purse and fashion brand
  8. Gucci: Fashion label born in Italy
  9. Dior: Former titan Christian Dior
  10. Pucci: Eclectic fashion house for the rich 

Additional Designer Cat Names

  1. Betsey Johnson
  2. Audigier
  3. Arden
  4. Manolo
  5. Blahnik
  6. Versace
  7. Hilfiger
  8. Cardin
  9. Armani
  10. Vuitton
  11. Gaultier
  12. Valentino
  13. Lagerfeld
  14. Dolce
  15. Gabbana
  16. Choo
  17. Givenchy
  18. Cavalli
  19. Prada
  20. Guinness
  21. Laroche

Fancy-Sounding Cat Names

Chocolate point siamese kitten and flowers

Pick a cat name that you love.


A cat name doesn’t need an illustrious history to be striking. There are names that sound fancy because of how they roll off the tongue. 

  1. Arabella
  2. Cosette
  3. Glory
  4. Gloriana
  5. Evangeline
  6. Fabian
  7. Leopold
  8. Ansel
  9. Octavius
  10. Xavier
  11. Brigitte
  12. Gemini
  13. Raoul 
  14. Evelyn
  15. Tallulah
  16. Linden
  17. Ember
  18. Joya
  19. Wynn
  20. Connery
  21. Sterling
  22. Kingsley
  23. Basel
  24. Megah
  25. Aldrich
  26. Liliana
  27. Francesca
  28. Emilia 
  29. Dove
  30. Wrangley

Elegant French Cat Names

a two-color cat without tail of Mekong Bobtail breed with a jewel a precious necklace of pearls around his neck sits on a retro baroque chair in a royal French interior. Theme is luxurious and rich

Rich, pearl-wearing cats embody fancy cat living.

©Yelizaveta Tomashevska/iStock via Getty Images

French is often ranked the prettiest language, so a French cat name is bound to exude elegance. Look up how to say these names online if you want perfect pronunciation.

  1. Candide: White
  2. Reve: Dream 
  3. Oralie: Golden
  4. Jolie: Pretty
  5. Chantilly: White
  6. Utopie: Utopia
  7. Dariela: Sweetheart 
  8. Elle: She
  9. Mai: May
  10. Fleur: Flower
  11. Joie: Joy
  12. Amour: Love
  13. Bisous: Kisses
  14. Cherie: Darling
  15. Tresor: Treasure
  16. Fonce: Dark 
  17. Esperer: Hope
  18. Gentil: Kind 
  19. Rayonner: Shine
  20. Vivant: Alive
  21. Chanson: Song
  22. Poisson: Fish
  23. Espirit: Mind
  24. Badiner: Play
  25. Ange: Angel 
  26. Miette: Crumb

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Nils Jacobi/Shutterstock.com

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